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Topic: US-428 Troubles

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    US-428 Troubles

    I posted this at VI, but I thought I'd hit this one up here since more poeple here are using GSIF compliant sound cards:

    I know this piece of crap is old, but I really don't need the expense of replacing my US-428.

    Basically, the machine ran fine for several years, but then I had to do a reinstall of my main machine and the Via usb chipset on the mobo was reinstalled with the latest update (it's impossible not to, actually, because the mobo USB drivers are ONLY available from MS's site due to a licensing agreement to be UHC).

    Anyway, I've traced a series of blue screens to my US428 system drivers and more specifically a frustratingly random incompatibility issue between my tascam and my Via chipset.

    So, I'm looking for a PCI USB card that has proven compatibility--anyone here have experience with the US428 being plugged into a PCI USB device?

    In the mean time I'm going to be dangerously trying to transplant old driver files from a friend's home computer but I'm sure a PCI card will circumvent the mobo chipset entirely.

    Tascam recommends a USB card with an Opti chipset, but it's flipping impossible to tell which cards have an Opti chipset--sometimes the product manfuacturer's page doesn't even tell which chipset is being used. That's the kind of nitty gritty BS that only driver programmers should worry about--unfortunately it's my concern now as well.

    So if you use a PCI USB 2.0 card and a TASCAM US-428 (or one of their other US outboard sound devices) let me know what the model is for your PCI card, and I can back check the chipset and see if there are other chipsets that work.

    NEC chipsets are a little easier to locate. VIA chipsets are, of course, out of the flippin' question.

    I fear I might be trying to look through packaging at the store no matter what since some manufacturers' sites don't even list the chipset--but I'm curious if anyone else had success with other chipsets besides Opti.

    Opti is just difficult to track down. (Opti is what Tascam recommends)

    - Dan

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    Re: US-428 Troubles

    At this point, I'm just curious if any other PC users are using this product.


    If you're using it with success, I just want to know what kind of chipset your USB is using. That would be like finding out what kind of motherboard your computer has (or if you didn't get a custom computer, then what model your computer is), I'm just having a hard time finding Opti brand chipsets, so I'm hoping another brand like NEC will be just as compatible.

    - Dan

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