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Topic: Reverse L & R channels

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    Reverse L & R channels

    I am using NI Akoustic piano, principally, for my piano parts (in Cakewalk Sonar 6 PE). When I play a track, panned to center, the higher notes come out of my right speaker. This makes sense when I am recording. I hear the right hand part in my right ear. But, when I play it back, it doesn't sound as it would if I were listening to a recital on stage. The piano player would be facing me, with the L & R channels reversed. Or, more often, he would be facing R or L and the bass keys would be louder or softer, depneding on the direction he was facing. I can simulate the latter with the bass strength control in Akoustic piano. But how would I do this for other instruments (harpsichord and organ tracks in NI Kontakt)? And how do I reverse the L & R if I want to create the impression that the keyboard player is facing the audience?

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    Re: Reverse L & R channels

    It seems to me that most piano recordings are from the player's position, that is, low notes coming from the left and higher notes from the right. It's rare to find it the opposite, though I know this is how the audience would perceive it in a live performance.

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    Re: Reverse L & R channels

    Some software recognizes the concept of "split stereo" (i.e. make a stereo track into two mono WAV files). It might be possible to export as split, switch left and right, and re-import.
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    Re: Reverse L & R channels

    Interesting question. Most often the piano doesn´t face you at all but stands on stage in a 90 degr. angle with the discant on the audience side. So the high notes and bass notes are neither right nor left. I don´t know how sound engineers pan a live recorded piano when miking it. Do they use the right channel for diskant (player perspective) or the other way round? Does anyone know this?

    BTW: In Cubase you can change the pan polarity within the track mixer. Not sure with Sonar though.

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    Re: Reverse L & R channels

    Quote Originally Posted by ejr
    how do I reverse the L & R if I want to create the impression that the keyboard player is facing the audience?
    My Akoustik Piano screen has a button at the bottom right - legend "L<->R" - which reverses the left & right channels.

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