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Topic: Help with JABB Drums

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    Help with JABB Drums

    I can't seem to figure out how to get the drums working. I have a midi sequence in a sequencer (WinXP, PowerTracks Pro Audio, if that helps.) It plays back fine through an outboard midi sound module (on midi channel 10). But when I try to get it to play through JABB (using Kontakt Player 1.5, with the Classic Jazz set on midi Channel 10), I hear nothing. I have various other sounds (Trumpet, bass, alto sax) assigned to other midi channels on Kontakt Player, and they work fine.

    I also tried the JABB GM drums. Nothing. Any suggestions or ideas about what I am doing wrong? Is there a controller that I have to set to "on" or something? (According to the midi event list, the first note is a midi F#3, which should be a hi-hat. But I hear nothing from the JABB drums...)

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Re: Help with JABB Drums

    What happens if you set the midi channel to CH. 1? You might be broadcasting on 10 when the Kontakt Player is listening on 1.

    The Drums on Channel 10 convention is a Roland invention and part of the GM standard. In the rest of the MIDI world, drums can go on any channel(s) you want.
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    Re: Help with JABB Drums

    Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I wasn't clear. Both the Kontakt Player and the sequencer are set for drums on channel 10. The piano is channel 1, the bass is channel 2, the trumpet is channel 8, the alto sax is channel 9 and the drums are on channel 10. I just figured since they're already that way (that is why the outboard midi module works fine) I would just stay with that. Any other suggestions anyone? Thank you.

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    Re: Help with JABB Drums

    Well, in one of those strange things that happen, as soon as I fired up the sequncer, I reloaded all the sounds in Kontakt Player, and suddenly the drums worked just expected! I don't know why, but everything works great now.

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