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Topic: Volume problem when saving as .wav

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    Volume problem when saving as .wav

    I normally don't do anything with Finale other than printed music, though I enjoy having GPO for the playback, so messing with the intricate features of sound and midi playback and sequencing isn't my thing. I did recently, however, attempt to create a few CDs for a women's ensemble at church for a practice CD but found that when saving the Finale playback file as .wav the volume was so very soft that you must turn the CD up very loud in order to hear anything (.wav file converted to CD using iTunes - the only reliable burning option on my PC). Any ideas on why the recording volume is so soft and how I could correct it?

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    Re: Volume problem when saving as .wav

    To correct the problem, get Audacity, a fantastic free wave editor.


    Terry Dwyer

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    Re: Volume problem when saving as .wav

    ALynn, just editing a .wav file which has been recorded too softly won't get you very pleasant results.

    Since you said you usually don't bother with the intricacies of making recordings with Finale, I think it's possible you don't have any MIDI controller #1 in your project file? That's a must to turn the volume of the instruments up. Even if you're not going to be doing a lot of variation with it, at least get the levels up to a decent level before saving as a .wav file.

    Randy B.

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