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Topic: Theme for Super-hero-duck

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    Smile Theme for Super-hero-duck

    Hi all,

    Here is my latest composition.. theme for a cartoon of a regular duck that is turned into a superhero duck by evil aliens that come to earth and experiment on him.. I had a lot of fun with this.. theremin for the aliens, etc. Hope John Williams doesn't get too mad from my borrowing! (kidding)

    Would welcome feedback..

    "Mega Mallard Main Theme" playable at http://mikeducharme.myknet.org

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    Re: Theme for Super-hero-duck

    I forgot to mention.. the strings in this are Sonic Implants.. For the Theremin I used TeraVoxSynV2, brass is SAM Trumpets, Trombones and Tubas with Westgate Modular Horns, Woodwinds are Westgate modular flutes and oboes and KH Emerald Clarinets (couldn't use Westgate for that as their Clarinet Ensemble is not available yet). Percussion is SAM True Strike. Altiverb reverb...

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    Re: Theme for Super-hero-duck

    Great piece! It sounds superb! I like the orchestration and the sound of every instrument. Just one thing (but I think it's a matter of personal taste): perhaps the brass, specially trumpets, would sound more "crisp", with a more marcato attack.
    Once more, congratulations!

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    Re: Theme for Super-hero-duck

    First of all, this is pretty fantastic (and makes me want to get SAM True Strike!)

    I was thinking this music was almost too good for a super heroic duck lol!

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    Re: Theme for Super-hero-duck

    Great theme! I listened to it 3 times.
    "I would rather compose than decompose."

    Sean C. Dockery

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    Re: Theme for Super-hero-duck

    Very cute...and I mean that in a good way!

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    Re: Theme for Super-hero-duck

    Thanks very much for your feedback.. you are too kind!

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    Re: Theme for Super-hero-duck

    Can you--or anyone-- point me to more information on the TeraVoxSynV2 that made the Theremin-like sound?

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    Re: Theme for Super-hero-duck

    I found it on this webpage:


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    Re: Theme for Super-hero-duck

    Nice I really like it, although that theremin sort of gives me the chills, the same way nails on a board do.
    I saw it said "Mega Mallard", so is it correct to assume it's based on Hans Christian Vang's comic?

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