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Topic: Upward compression

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    Upward compression

    I'm looking for a decent compressor plugin that does upward compression. All I have right now are the ones that come with Cubase Studio 4 and they just seem to be only able to do downward compression. I was looking at Ozone 3, which seems nice. I might get that later as it's kinda expensive for my budget right now. Are there any cheap compressors that do upward compression?

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    Re: Upward compression

    Sonalksis makes great plug-ins, SV-719 Analogue Gate is a gate/expander
    You can check out K-v-R and do a search for 'expander'

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    Re: Upward compression

    The Roger Nichols Dynamizer (formerly the Elemental audio system Neodynium) is good for upward expansion. here is the site:

    Student in Electro-acoustics

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    Re: Upward compression

    So an expander and an upward compressor are the same thing? I thought an expander was the opposite of a compressor due to actually creating more dynamics by making quiet parts even quieter. Where as an upward compressor still compresses the audio but instead of cutting the peaks like a standard compressor it raises the quieter parts. I take it an expander can do this as well?

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    Re: Upward compression

    Take a look Sony's The Oxford Dynamics plug-in about $200.00 (not cheap?)

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    Re: Upward compression

    Rogles, for good explanations of compressors, expanders and gates, see http://rane.com/note155.html

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    Re: Upward compression

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogles
    So an expander and an upward compressor are the same thing?
    no, they are not. An Expander is an expander (it can be upward and downward) and a compressor is a compressor (can also be upward and downward).

    Dynamizer or Sonalksis CQ1 are great.

    hope that helps

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    Re: Upward compression

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    An expander adds gain to a particular audio level range.
    Sorry, but that cannot be - as a gate is to an expander that a limiter is to a compressor - and a gate does not add gain.

    an upward expander expands the levels over the threshold - stretching them louder by the ratio. a downward expander expands the levels below the threshold, 'stretching' the quieter according to the ration.
    the most often seen mode for an expander is the downward expander or noise gate though - and that makes things quieter.

    an eq adds level - an expander does not add, as it is a factor not a constant ....

    good explanations about expanders and compressors can be found in - you guess it - Bob Katz's book (mastering audio - the art and the science)


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    Re: Upward compression

    I'd recommend studying the information in this thread and doing some research until you feel that you understand the concepts. Then, if you seek true enlightenment, climb the mountain and hear the wisdom of Jp22, who is to a typical recording engineer as Wing is to Caruso.


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    Re: Upward compression

    Thanks for the replies, though I might be little more confused now than I originally was. I seem to be getting some conflicting info. I guess I'm just going to have to mess around with some plug-ins to see what they can do. Let me just get this one thing straight. I want to be able to make some of the parts of my tracks louder without cutting from the peaks and adding gain/volume (standard compressor). I would like to try making it louder by raising the volume of the quiet parts without it touching the peaks. The first time I read about this, it was refered to as upward compression and some people recommend it over downward compression as it doesn't distort the peaks. It would effectively be reducing the amount of dynamics which seems to be the opposite of what an expander does.

    Personally I think the terminology makes more since this way with a compressor "compressing" the dynamics and an expander "expanding" the dynamics, but if that isn't the case, I don't really care, I just want to make sure I get the right plug-in that does what I want it to do.

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