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Topic: Just want to say "Hello"

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    Just want to say "Hello"

    Hello. I have never posted before, but I have read what has been posted, extensively. I use both GPO and JABB, along with an EMU PK-6 with both of the orchestral chipsets, and get exceptional results across all of the genres of recording projects that I do.
    Thanks to all of you that have posted information. I have found your expertise and information to be invaluable.

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    Re: Just want to say "Hello"


    a warm welcome to a great place!

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Unhappy Re: Just want to say "Hello"

    Just joined the forum. As a senior member perhaps you can remember your status long ago as a 'novice', & answer some dumb technical questions of mine. I use an iMac with the intel dual chip, OSX, Digital Performer and a simple M-Audio controller keyboard. Finally, GPO is availabe for me! In the Kontakt Player there seems to be 3 banks of possible sounds each with an individual channel assignment: 1-16; 17-48, 49-64. In DP I note that my channels only go up to 16. I can access and hear those in DP giving each its own corresponding channel assignment in Kontak and in DP playing the controller keyboard (so I know Ive got it all set up right) . How to I assign in Kontak more sounds to the other banks and trigger them from DP? My DP channels seem to be used up at 16! I told you it was a dumb questyion.-Rudolfi in San Francisco.

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