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Topic: A little help please - I haven't found this in the fora

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    A little help please - I haven't found this in the fora

    at least not anywhere that I looked!

    I am installing, from scratch, my studio software on a laptop - long sad tale of woe skipped - and I'm a wee bit confused!!!

    My primary tools are Sonar 6PE and Finale 2006, both patched to their most current versions.

    So now I'm trying to untangle GPO and JABB.

    I have a ton of updates, and I've been somewhat successful in digging through posts here to figure out some of this, but I could use some assistance. When I do get this figured out I will be happy to post a step-by-step.

    Anyway, here's what I have done thus far:
    1) installed GPO from the four CDs I originally received
    2) updated GPO with the v1.1..8.3 updater (installer size 17,598K)
    3) updated GPOStudio with the V2 updater (installer size 3,888K)
    4) installed JABB from the DVD I originally received
    5) updated JABB using the Update #1 files

    Things I have not done yet:
    1) installed the DFD v1.29 update
    2) installed the GPO Plugin V1.1 update

    Is there any need to install either of these?

    Things I'd like to do:
    1) install GPO-KP2 v2.2.2 update for Kontakt2
    2) install JABB-KP2 V2.2.2 update for Kontakt2

    My only concern is that this might cause problems with Finale 2006, and if that is the case I guess I'll have to wait a bit. I am aware of a problem with some percussion instruments in GPO, but other than that it seems like a good idea to update. I'm just not clear on Finale support (I can, I think, continue to use the lite version of GPO that came with Finale 2006 - can't I?)

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: A little help please - I haven't found this in the fora

    I left one step out - when I installed V2 of Studio I had to uninstall V1.11.

    And, even after a couple of reboots I still can't get Studio to recognize JABB.



    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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