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Topic: Wesgate Modular Winds in ACTION

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    Wesgate Modular Winds in ACTION

    My son and I just finished Webisode 1 of Colonel Crush 4: From Russia with ACTION! The dream sequence (at the end) features the Westgate Modular Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon. It's a joy to have all of the core Modular winds!


    The cue also has Appassionata Strings and a Garritan Harp. All are mixed with GigaPulse's Medium Hall ambiance, but no other EQ. Warning: I "crushed" the heck out of the final mix with iZotope's mastering tools. Our audience is more likely to be using crummy PC speakers than reference monitors.


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    Re: Wesgate Modular Winds in ACTION

    Cool stuff! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun pulling this one off

    I'm wondering what you think about the mix as a whole though - do you find the music sometimes gets a bit in the way of the dialogue and audio? I kept feeling like the music was right up in my face, whereas I had to aurally-squint (what a weird mental image, hah) to understand what they were saying sometimes. Could you try taking the compression off of the orchestra, and maybe even pushing it back a little further with reverb? That'd give it a lot more space and even improve the orchestra's tone, while clarifying the dialogue at the same time. If people want more volume, they'd usually just turn up their speakers; I ended up having to turn mine way down.

    It might even be worth it to fool around with warming up the dialogue by using some EQ; Ozone's multiband harmonic exciter works wonders on dialogue sometimes, surprisingly.

    Nice job!
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: Wesgate Modular Winds in ACTION

    Thanks for the feedback Will!

    This mastering thing is really a puzzle, isn't it? On one set of speakers in a quiet environment, the music can be overcooked. On another system with some background noise, it gets lost. And there's always the problem of the composer doing the mix - we like to hear our music.

    I'll keep working on finding the right balance...

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