Hello everyone,

This is way off topic, and I hope that I am not out of line here, but I thought if anyone around here could help, it would be my great friends at the Forum.

So here's the deal, a lady that I work with, Kathy, and who is a very good friend of mine is going through a messy divorce right now. Her husband has failed to pay a great amount of things, rent for 6 months, bills, and his son's rental for his alto saxophone. It has since been taken back by the company due to lack of payment.

Band camp starts for their school in a few weeks.

So, here's my plea. I have taken it upon myself to help them find Bobby an alto saxophone. The worst part is, that he doesn't even know that it has been taken.

Does anyone have an alto saxophone laying around that they would be willing to part with? I know that Kathy and Bobby would be eternally grateful for any assistance. You would also have my gratitude.

If anyone is interested in donating or selling at a cheap price, please contact me.

Thanks for the help.

Your friend,