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Topic: Help with KP2 and Other Notation Programs????

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    Question Help with KP2 and Other Notation Programs????


    Can someone please help? I have been using GPO/JABB with Garritan Studio, on an XP machine, with unlisted notation programs, very successfully for a while now. This was with KP1.

    Now we have this ultra-cool KP2, which I would love to use, so I installed it (with great difficulty, lol). WHat I do not see, is how one can use KP2 with misc. notation programs the way Studio could. Is this not possible? I cannot find anyhting in teh documentation other than reference to the old STudio. Which does not work at all with KP2 (and hence all my MIDI files become unplayable with GPO/JABB).

    I did stumble on a post which gave a workaround, basically to /duplicate/ all of the huge GPO/JABB sample files in the \Instruments directory, along with the backup copies of the old Instruments files. This kind of works, (at least I can play my old files now). But of course, all of the old KP1 bugs and limitations are still there. And telling GPO/JABB the location of the new samples does not work (they keep forgetting), so the dups became necessary.

    Is it not possible to use KP2 with unlisted notation programs? Please let me know. There are bunches of folks out there like myself for whom $400+ for a notation program does not go over well at home when we need things like a new dishwasher, car, food, etc quite a lot more, lol.

    Please if you have any suggestions, it would be so appreciated! If there are no solutions, is there any intention to revise STudio for KP2??

    Many many thanks,
    Narrow aka Muffit

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    Re: Help with KP2 and Other Notation Programs????

    Use KP2 standalone and use MIDI-Yoke or Maple MIDI Tools to route the MIDI.

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    Re: Help with KP2 and Other Notation Programs????

    What is an "unlisted" notation program?
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Help with KP2 and Other Notation Programs????

    Quote Originally Posted by rpearl
    What is an "unlisted" notation program?
    LOL, sorry, for lack of a better word, I meant those which are not mentioned or otherwise listed here, especially ones which do not incorporate any type of built-in support for VST's, etc. (Sorry, I didn't get any sleep last night, don't know what my excuse is most days, lol).

    Anywho, thank you so much Craig, this worked marvelously, I installed Maple and it did the trick. And sorry RPearl about the confusion

    Narrow (minded)

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