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Topic: Alto Sax 2 Lite not allowing polyphony

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    Alto Sax 2 Lite not allowing polyphony

    I read the recent topic about this, but I'm still having trouble. I'm using the full version of kontakt 2. I've loaded Alto Sax 2 Lite from the lite folder. I've increased the max voices from 1 to 4. Still no polyphony. Alto Sax 1 and 3 work great. For some reason Alto Sax 2 doesn't allow polyphony. Any thoughts or should I just reinstall the samples?


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    Re: Alto Sax 2 Lite not allowing polyphony

    To quote from Tom Hopkins post :

    "With the one exception I mentioned in another thread they can be adjusted for greater polyphony. The exception is Alto 2 which will be fixed in the next update."
    Richard N.

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    Re: Alto Sax 2 Lite not allowing polyphony

    Hi, Aric

    Richard has the answer there for you--Bet you thought you were going nuts!

    Meanwhile--I hope you're not planning on using the lite versions for your final recordings, just so you can get more than one line out of an instrument? Because obviously you'll get a much more realistic result using the Saxes in their full versions with the monophonic output they should have. - ? -

    Randy B.

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    Re: Alto Sax 2 Lite not allowing polyphony

    Thanks Richard. I suppose it helps to read the entire thread


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