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Topic: Problem with Gigastudio and Sibelius

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    Problem with Gigastudio and Sibelius


    I'm having problems with articulation and general performance markings when i use Sibelius 4 to sequence my scores through GS3. I find that during playback, through GS3, the dynamics are far too extreme. For instance mp, may sound like pp - in particular, in the string section.

    For strings, i use standard looped strings, as these seem to give smoother playback. However, they lack definition in triplet, semi-quaver (or smaller duration) passages. Is there a way of combining other more articulated strings for sections where i need more atriculation?

    I have found that, in order to achieve a more realistic performance, i have sometimes had to alter scores beyond human recognition! So i'm wondering if anyone has good experience using sibelius 4 and GS3, who may be willing to share some advice on my problems.

    I also ask if i would achieve a more stylistic/realistic performance if i were to use a dedicated sequencer, such as Cubase? This is because, when i open up a midi file in Sibelius, there are lots of numbers above the stave (only visible when the whole stave/bar is highlighted). Are these midi messages for articulation? Since, when i delete these numbers, the sound that was played back before looses any articulation/ performance interpretations - e.g. Bends on a guitar.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Problem with Gigastudio and Sibelius

    I haven't been been able to find an easy way to get Sibelius to play back articulations through GS3 without including midi messages in the score. I use the VSL samples which use key switches to switch articulations, so I include note on off messages as text above the staff which performs the key switch. However, I find it easier to use a DAW, like Sonar, which allows me easier control. For each instrument I load each articulation into a separate midi channel in GS3 and assign different channel ids to the relevant notes in the Sonar midi track.

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    Re: Problem with Gigastudio and Sibelius

    Thanks for the help. I'm currently trying out the midi messages. When i looked on the internet to find them, i found some good plug-ins for Sibelius. They add messages for all your dynamic and articultion markings automatically. So, i'm going to try those. Failing that i will have to consider using a DAW. Thanks

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