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Topic: Pharoh's Dream -A new Song

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    Pharoh's Dream -A new Song

    Just finished this song up tonight ( I think ) I have a real hard time knowing if something is really done .Every time I listen to it I can hear other things I would like to try . But a screen just poped up and said I was out of memory so I figured it was a sign. I could use some feed back .My goal is just to make some music that people will like to listen to, even if it is not perfectly correct.I used mostly miroslav philharmonik , Gold for percussion ,motu for ethnic instruments. I wanted to try VS pro with this if I wasn't so short on memory . Thanks for your feed back . http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page...?bandID=179081

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    Re: Pharoh's Dream -A new Song

    I like it. Nice sound from the Miro library. What strings did you use? Again enjoyed it...Joseph..

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    Re: Pharoh's Dream -A new Song

    Thanks for the feedback. I just used the full string section from miroslav because of resource limitations .

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    Re: Pharoh's Dream -A new Song

    Well done. Nice composition, good production. You're making great use of your tools. What are your overall thoughts on the Motu Ethno VI? Awhile back I was considering it, but the Bela D Anthology series is going to take its place for me.

    And no volume issues with soundclick on your piece. I'll try to figure out what's going on with mine.

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    Re: Pharoh's Dream -A new Song

    Thanks for the listen. If I were you I would go with bela .Motu has alot of nice loops but the solo instruments leave much to be desired.They are unlooped and have no articulations to speak of.On top of that they are a real cpu hog.

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