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Topic: Hi, I'm new

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    Hi, I'm new

    Hi. Just joined.
    I have my first query. Here it goes:
    I use GS3 Orchestra on two PC's and love it. As I begin to expand my templates to include more Midi instruments, I am learning that there is a donate-ware program for Mac OS called Cherry Picker. It allows you to pick patches by name from your DAW. In my case, Digital Performer 5.
    Has anyone used Cherry Picker with GS3 successfully? If so, how are you doing it? Currently, I assign all my patches directly in GS3 to a GS performance template and then mirror those choices in my midi tracks in Digital Performer.
    From what I understand, I need to dump patches from GS3 and export them to Cherry Picker as a .middev file. I have no idea how to do that. Cherry Picker's website: http://www.alterspective.com/cherrypicker/
    Any Ideas?
    Thank you.

    Stefan Schermerhorn
    Mac OSX Dual 2Ghz
    2 dedicated VisionDAW PC
    MOTU 2408 mkIII via ADAT
    Apogee Big Ben
    5.1 JBL LSR 4
    GigaStudio 3 Orchestra
    Digital Performer 5
    Mach 5
    Sibelius 3
    Roland XP-30, RD-600

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    Re: Hi, I'm new

    I am new as well...

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    Re: Hi, I'm new

    welcome guys!

    I too use DP 5.12 and Gigsatudio on a separate PC with a 2408 MK3 for the Mac, and an RME HDSP9652 on the Windows PC.

    Small world

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    Re: Hi, I'm new

    Hi Guys,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I am a Mac user, but I use Logic...

    Best wishes


    And now also at Flickr!



    View Simon Fielder's Profile at NorthernSounds.net

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