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Topic: RMX in Cubase 4 Question

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    RMX in Cubase 4 Question

    Hey Gang

    New member, first post, please bear with me!
    Upgraded to Cubase 4 and am going to the motions learning differences and exploring options. Installed Cubase 4 and then removed SX3.

    One of the new features in C4 is the automatic prompting for midi track creation. While that's welcome I can't seem to find the same super convenient feature SX3 had to automatically create 8 tracks upon launching Stylus RMX. Do I need to create a special template to regain this functionality or are there other options to speed up this process?

    Thanks much
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    Re: RMX in Cubase 4 Question

    Hi Frank,

    Good question...I have no answer...but a question for you that came up this morning: Is it possible to remove the unused rmx channels in the SX/SL mixer, so that there are no unused faders on the hardware controller.



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    Re: RMX in Cubase 4 Question

    You know....I am not sure. Out of curiosity I went to secondary PC and pulled up an SX3 project which included RMX and it's preassigned 8 outputs. It had two 'spare' channels but I am not able to remove these tracks even though RMX routing for this particular project is only from A to F. Are you raising question because of overhead concerns?

    A bit more research indicates pre-assignment of RMX channels is not going to be part of current feature set in C4. Obviously I am no expert so I am still seeking solutions to get routing accomplished automatically when projects involve RMX. I guess it's time to break out the manual....
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    Re: RMX in Cubase 4 Question

    Follow synthuser's instructions once and then create a template.

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    Re: RMX in Cubase 4 Question

    I'm not sure that there is a way to automatically create multiple MIDI tracks on launching a VST instrument. What synthuser is describing is assigning multiple outputs to channels in the mixer, which is not the same thing.

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    Re: RMX in Cubase 4 Question

    Should have checked back here sooner but had nose deep in 600 page+ 'operation manual'. Not wasted time; picking up subtle difference of Steinberg's interpretation for various track types and related routing ect, but a lesson in patience too. Not a single reference to this nifty option in routing section of the manual, at least not from what I was able to discern.

    Big thanks to Synthuser and others who responded.
    Win XP, ASUS P5W-DH, E-MU 1820, Axiom 49, padKontrol

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    Re: RMX in Cubase 4 Question

    Yeah...thanks guys!!!

    I know the "can hide" function in the mixer...and actually use it all the time.

    When using a controller though it would be great to have the channels (the view order) in the Cubase mixer correspond to those on the controller.

    Now it's like: Fader 1 = RMX output A; Fader 2 = RMX output B; Fader 3 through 8 are not used; Fader 9 is Atmophere etc.

    Anyway...not a problem...thanks again.


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