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Topic: Happy Canada Day (à la GPO)

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    Happy Canada Day (à la GPO)

    This is a little Canada Day present, using GPO... the end credits to a corporate film I did a few years ago for the federal government. It incorporates an "original" theme, the Chinese national anthem (it was a short film about Sino-Canadian trade relations), along with nice big chunks of "O Canada".


    I know it's a tad off-topic.. but hey! it's Canada Day!!!!!

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    Re: Happy Canada Day (à la GPO)


    Your arrangement is extraordinary and really conveys the majesty of your country!

    A very Happy Canada Day to our Canadian forum members. We have many members on the forum from Canada. The owners of this forum are Canadian too.

    Canada Day celebrates the creation of the Canadian nation in 1867. Canada and the USA share the longest undefended border in the world. I am privileged to live just a few miles from the Canadian border and get to enjoy much of what Canada has to offer. I hope many of you get to visit and enjoy what Canada has to offer.

    A very Happy Canada Day!

    Gary Garritan

    PS: For those who want to sing along to Michael's arrangement:


    O Canada!
    Our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all thy sons command.
    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free!
    From far and wide, O Canada,
    We stand on guard for thee.
    God keep our land glorious and free!
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.


    Ô Canada!
    Terre de nos aïeux,
    Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!
    Car ton bras sait porter l'épée,
    Il sait porter la croix!
    Ton histoire est une épopée
    Des plus brillants exploits.
    Et ta valeur, de foi trempée,
    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits,
    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.

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    Re: Happy Canada Day (à la GPO)

    This is what I call magnificent grandure in music. It speaks of the monumental. Brilliant. The arresting and powerful strings sound as they are echoing off of canyon walls. The woodwinds and brass depict the breath-taking vistas seen from the tops of mountains. Very inspiring. Definitely a 10 on the Penigar scale.
    Samantha Penigar


    Dream it! Then Do it! Good things come to those who work while they wait. [COLOR=purple]Persistence[/COLO

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    Re: Happy Canada Day (à la GPO)

    Excellent, excellent! Love how you played with the melody harmonically.

    Not nearly as creative but FWIW... I did a more traditional arrangement of O Canada as part of a national anthem medley for high school band last year: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=41685 (GPO)

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    Re: Happy Canada Day (à la GPO)

    Wonderfully epic!

    You've certainly captured the vast landscape.

    I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't ventured to many places back home.. However your arrangement quickly reminded of the majestic whistler mountains in BC. (before I broke my arm skiing... )

    Your composition was truly inspiring.

    Thanks for the memorable flashback


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    Re: Happy Canada Day (à la GPO)

    Well, if you want to hear my take on my homeland in a more developed way, take a listen to my Sinfonia Canadensis (Symphony no. 2). I believe it is still posted here on the GPO forum.

    Each movement represents an aspect/region of Canada. unfortunately, only the first 3 (out of a projected 5) movements are completed. I SHOULD be working on the next movements over the summer now that the clarinet sonata is completed.

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