Hi all,

I would like to take preconfigured gigfiles that contain multiple instruments and assign keyswitches to each instrument such that when I load that gig file into GS3, the keyswitch activates each of the respective instruments.

For example, In VSL there is a "basic set" gig file for violins. That gig file contains various instruments like Pizz, Sus, Stacc etc. I want to create custom keyswitches for each of the instruments within that gig file so I can trigger the keyswitch via Finale.

Im sure this has been addressed here before and I apologize for the redundancy but I cant seem to find the answer by searching. I saw a post a long time ago with DPdan and JonFairhurst and some others but it only addressed making keyswitches by building the instruments from scratch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.