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Topic: Worra, trouble with recent Rhodes purchase

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    Worra, trouble with recent Rhodes purchase

    Hi Worra

    Just purchased and downloaded Rhodes .I assume I downloaded the correct files **030 etc

    When I extracted the first file, it created a **029 folder which confused me and the extraction process,
    because it did not carry on with the other two files.
    I tried to extract the other two, and it kept sending me round in circles, saying I need this, pointed there,
    then said I needed something else.

    Can you please explain how to load this.

    All my other purchases behaved as expected


    John Heath

    Edit: I now seem to have multiple folders with samples, but I am getting there.
    One missing file reported when opening in Kontakt2, that being
    16_12.2_ D#4. All a bit dissapointing.

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    Re: Worra, trouble with recent Rhodes purchase

    I got the 029-folder too (1,7 Gb). Is that It, or did you proceed with any further actions?

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    Re: Worra, trouble with recent Rhodes purchase

    Hi waltew

    I kept pointing to a folder which the installer said I needed, but another folder was created with more samples.
    Then I noticed they were duplicated. I dont know what went wrong, I have not had that problem with other Sampletekk downloads.

    I moved all the samples to one folder and I now have 1.59 Gb samples in that folder.
    I opened the Rhodes up in Kontakt K2, and initially Kontakt reported one Sample missing. Worra sent me that sample via email.

    I am assuming 1.59 gig is the right size, but you say you have 1.7.

    Let me know how you go



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    Re: Worra, trouble with recent Rhodes purchase

    Hi John, thanks for your reply. I checked the contents of the three rar-files and my 029-folder contains all of them. I think I'll avoid the "Gilliam-route" and leave it with that. The differ in size might just be a grumpy hard-drive longing for the calm days in the closet once it gets full. I'll try loading it once I get my setup up and running. Thanks!

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