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Topic: God Spoke to Another

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    God Spoke to Another

    The "Tuscan Affair" is a composition by William West that I just listened to on the Garritan Libraries Demo Page.

    It started with the harp and celest, and when the flue arrived a dreamy etherial entity was born. Afther the strings arrive tranquility grew like a flowers' petals slowly opening. The piece began to tug on my soul with a measure of wonder. Then come a little tutti, followed by the harp, celest and fluet back to it simple melodious and lyrical beginning. The strings are added gently and builds until the french horns leads into a full orchestra participation with brass and woodwinds soaring like an eagle. We are now flown on the wings of an eagle to partake of an aerial view of the beauty of the Tuscan vistas below us. The waves of the ocean crashing along the shore.

    William, this I love with my whole soul.

    Thank you master melody writer and orchestrator!

    I'm in the company of greatness on this forum!

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    Re: God Spoke to Another

    Hi Samantha! And thank you for posting and reminding us of the wonderful talent on this forum! I again agree with you that William West's work is very powerful and emotionally moving; He has a true gift.

    The link above is one of those - click on and let your web browser open up; usually with an embedded quick-time player.

    Thanks again Samantha and congratulations William West on a wonderful piece of music!

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    Re: God Spoke to Another


    I know many forum members aren't aware that this exists --
    in private emails, several people have told me so:

    Garritan Demo Page

    ... with well over a thousand demos!

    And if your music isn't in there? Well, chances are, next
    update it will be!




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