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Topic: JABB on Intel GarageBand

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    JABB on Intel GarageBand

    I am currently testing Kontakt Player 2 on an Intel iMac using GarageBand. Except for a little registration speed bumb, all seems to be working well. Here is my first stab at using this great product. All instruments are from the Garritan Jazz and Big Band package.

    Garritan on GarageBand '08 using Intel iMac with 1.5G RAM
    Listen to my collection here

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    Re: JABB on Intel GarageBand


    Congrats on getting your set up working---This sounds Great!

    Take that AAAAAA Train, folks--We have The Duke playing JABB on this one. Yeah!

    Did you perform all the MIDI tracks from scratch, or did you import files into Garage Band?

    It's surprising how seldom classic big band music is posted here, showing off the great JABB library at it's best--This is much appreciated!

    Randy B.

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    Re: JABB on Intel GarageBand


    I'm familiar with your posts on the GB discussion - you are as helpful there, as you are talented here: GREAT JOB - this sounds wonderful!

    I don't follow the JABB posts as much as the GPO ones, but I'm glad I checked this. Very nice.

    Thanks for posting this.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: JABB on Intel GarageBand

    Thanks Randy, Man, I WISH I was that good. But alas, I merely imported the MIDI. The fun for me, however, is getting the sound just right. This one took me a couple of hours. I couldn't really decide which trumpet mute to use and the drum did not translate over 100%... more like 90% (which ain't bad).

    I just tried this Big Band favorite this evening.
    Unfortunately, I had not moveable control over the mute. I really think there ought to be some way to get that plunder to "wah".

    Thanks to you as well, Ron. Yes, in that I too have focused more on GPO, having a Sax available to me now has been great fun. It allows me to grow outside of orchestral pieces for a change of pace.
    Garritan on GarageBand '08 using Intel iMac with 1.5G RAM
    Listen to my collection here

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    Re: JABB on Intel GarageBand

    Hi, schneb

    Thanks for the clarification on how this recording came about. You did a really good job of making the MIDI files you found work so well in JABB.

    It was a bone of contention awhile back here in The Listening Room when there wasn't a clear distinction being made between projects started from scratch and those which were made from found MIDI files.

    Basically the sentiment was that it's best when someone posting something says right off if they used files they found on the internet--Avoids confusion. You'll probably want to include that in later posts so people don't get tweaked.

    Without a note like that, people logically enough will assume what you're posting was done completely by you, since the majority of pieces here are like that.

    "...I really think there ought to be some way to get that plunger to 'wah'..."

    But there Is a way. In JABB there's a Trombone plunger mute and a Trumpet plunger mute, for doing exactly what you want. I'm pretty sure there's a "sticky" tutorial about using those instruments on the JABB page. But I've used them and found them very easy and self explanatory to use. Take a look in your instrument menu for them.

    Randy B.

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    Re: JABB on Intel GarageBand

    Great sound on this, schneb... "found MIDI file" or otherwise,
    this came off darned well, I think! Much enjoyed the listen on
    this one... definitely a favorite.



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    Re: JABB on Intel GarageBand

    Thanks Randy and David.

    Since this is really my first time coming to the Listening Room, I did not know about that contention regarding the MIDI files, so yes, I will make the caveat next time.

    As for the plunger control, unfortunately, GarageBand, being the intro application that it is, only provides for basic editing function. I can change notes, velocities, modulation, sustain, expression, pitch, and foot control, but everything else is not editable (it still works, but I cannot edit it). The control for the plunger mute position is out of my editing reach. I can manually set it for any position, however, I will not be able to automate it to move. Sigh. But still, not bad for an application that comes in a $79 iLife. Let's hope for some real improvment in iLife Leopard in October (if it even comes out at all)
    Garritan on GarageBand '08 using Intel iMac with 1.5G RAM
    Listen to my collection here

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    Re: JABB on Intel GarageBand

    Hello again, Schneb

    I just did a quick Google to see what's included in this version of Garge Band that you have. I found a total rave review which among other things says this:

    "...It's a Sequencer that applies full MIDI editing for software instruments..."

    But unfortunately, no more information is provided on the MIDI editing subject than that. So one has to wonder what the writer means when he says "full MIDI editing."

    You could very well be right, that you're limited to editing only those basic controllers. This probably means that you're given a menu of what controller to work on, and the ones you listed in your post are there in the list, and listed as names rather than controller numbers--Yes?

    But have you tried highlighting the menu selection window and just typing in the controller number you really want to get at? This works in all the Sonar editions--The menu has a limited number of controllers listed by function, but I ignore that, type in the "exotic" controller numbers Garritan libraries use, and up comes what I need.

    That may not work in your GB, but wanted to let you know it could be worth a try.

    Randy B.

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    Re: JABB on Intel GarageBand

    You should try doing the theme to and the City with the JABB library.

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    Re: JABB on Intel GarageBand

    Unfortunately, Randy, I am unable to access that control. Sigh. It is still quite an editor for the price. And very easy and versatile.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amadeus
    You should try doing the theme to and the City with the JABB library.
    It was hard to find a MIDI file, but I managed. Listen and let me know what you think. I did this in about a half-hour. Nothing fancy, just assigned the instruments and exported.

    Garritan on GarageBand '08 using Intel iMac with 1.5G RAM
    Listen to my collection here

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