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Topic: Registration issue with Finale 2008

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    Registration issue with Finale 2008

    I don't know if this is some sort of registration bug or what, but on the players for "Garritan Instrumetns for Finale" and "Garritan Personal Orchestra - Finale Edition", when you click on the "info" tab, you get a little message that says that it's not registerd.

    yet when I start the service center it says all my products are registered.

    what up?

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    Re: Registration issue with Finale 2008

    Funny...I just posted a similar message apparently moments after yours was posted. You describe exactly what I encountered. As I stated in my (now redundant) post, I worry about the possiblility of the library becoming non-functional after the 30 day trial period expires.

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    Re: Registration issue with Finale 2008

    That doesn't sound good - it shouldn't do that. Sounds like you are in demo mode. Are you using v1.1.0.18 ( or later of the Service Center?

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    Re: Registration issue with Finale 2008

    I used version when I tried to register.

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    Re: Registration issue with Finale 2008

    same here.
    I actually let it re-install/update the service center for each thing I installed.

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    Re: Registration issue with Finale 2008

    the following from MakeMusic's website:

    The Authorization Wizard has been updated so that one simple process will authorize both Finale 2007 and the Native Instruments KONTAKT™ Player 2 included with Finale. Now there’s no need to go through a separate registration process with Native Instruments in order to use the Garritan sounds included with Finale.

    might they have forgotten that they also need to register the NI stuff?

    My copy of Finale is definately registered.


    I've gone back to my Finale 2007 just to take a peek at the player there, and it has the same thing: the ??? next to the registration info when I click on the Info tab.

    Could that simply be a graphical "bug" then in the NI player?

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    Re: Registration issue with Finale 2008

    Just to confirm: I just called tech support at MakeMusic, and they say that the "unregistered" look of those libraries is normal, since they are part and parcel of Finale itself. They don't need a separate registration. Well, they DO need to be registered, but they don't appear as having a separate registration. It's all taken care of during the Finale registration (if you remember you also get asked to register your copy of Finale Edition GPO).

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    Re: Registration issue with Finale 2008

    Don't mind the "???" entries. You don't get a Serial Number for Finale GPO. And it will be listed as "Licensed to: ???". But, you still should not get a message, that says it is not registered.

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