I just received my upgrade of Finale 2008 yesterday and it installed just fine, and successfully registered with Make Music. When exploring the new version (which seems to be running in a very stable manner at least at first "test drive") I loaded the KONTAKT 2 Player engine and saw the expected libraries, including the new GARRITAN LIBRARIES for FINALE. I noticed when loading the new library that it displayed question marks (???) instead of user info. No licensee and no serial number. Clicking the Read More tab generated an "unable to launch internet browser" error message. I tried the REGISTER tab, which successfully sent me to Native Instruments Service Center. All my previous manifestations of the Garritan libraries are there, with serial numbers in tact, but no sign of the new library. Returning to FINALE 2008, I clicked the info tab and it clearly says that in order to continue using this library beyond the 30 day trial period it must be registered. Any insight on this? Does Make Music eventually register the libraries to registered users of FINALE 2008? I don't want the functionality of the new libraries to suddenly end on day 31!
So far, from what I can tell, the new sounds load cleanly and play beautifully. Thanks for all the on-going work of producing such great compositional resources!

Robert Tewes