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Topic: Cubase With Video

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    Cubase With Video

    hi GUYS

    i import the video in cubase and as soon as its imported even if its little shifted it gives me an CUBASE LOG error any idea why so.

    The file size of the video is 2 GB

    i have a video card NVIDIA GEFORCE with 512 MBram

    but still i get this error can u help me out

    or what is the best way to work with these heavy video files basically its the jumbo reel. ITs in Quick time format.

    i have core 2 duo with 2gb ram.


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    Re: Cubase With Video


    I don't use Cubase (I use Logic) but I regularly work to picture using QT files.
    I think it would help a lot to reduce the quality of the QT file - that's what I do as soon as I receive a QT on DVD, I reduce the size whilst loading it into a separate hard disc.
    I use DVDxDV for this and it does the job brilliantly with no fuss.

    Here's a link


    Good luck!


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    Re: Cubase With Video

    What Barrie said.

    If it's up and running another trick to keep the performance is to deactivate the video thumbnails. This isn't a must have if the video is small enough.

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    Re: Cubase With Video

    I recommend this:
    No need to reduce quality. I work with 30GB files with no problem.
    This little prog is simply Gem.

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    Re: Cubase With Video

    Hi spooky,

    Maybe you get the error log cause you have selected directshow or video for windows in cubase video player.

    To avoid that, go to Devices--- Device setup--- Video player and then select quicktime video in the playback method tab.

    I hope it helps.


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    Re: Cubase With Video

    Disable thumbnails and see if that helps.
    Dave Cebrowski
    DCWAVE Productions

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    Re: Cubase With Video

    I use video in C4 all the time. The only time I had an error was when the preferences were set to import the audio at the same time as the video. This seems not to work. Once I set it to "not" not import audio, never again had a problem.

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    Re: Cubase With Video


    There's lots of info on using video with Nuendo (which has the exact same engine as Cubase). You'll find it on http://www.nuendo.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=17

    I do a lot of post-production work myself, and I recommend using TMPG for converting any incoming video to avi with the Panasonic DV codec. It's a proven solution...

    Additional note: when importing a video file of which you don't need the original sound, it's best to convert the file with video only. This will help you avoid any A/V-sync issues.

    Good luck!


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