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Topic: OK SONAR users......question

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    OK SONAR users......question

    im having aq hard time trying to figure out how to keep one track consistant with the midi changes.

    for example......i can load up (in garritan orchestra) a Violin ensamble patch, and the kontact player keyboard shows (on the keyboard) the red keys on the left hand side that can switch to differnt bow strokes (plucks, trills, long bowed, etc etc)....but as im recording my track (in one single midi track), it doesnt capture all the changes i made with the bow strokes.

    when i play back my recording, it only plays it back as the last change i made it on. If i record an entire track for about 2 minutes long, and end the at track using a nice long "thrill" on the last note...........it plays back the entire midi track in "thrill mode" and didnt save/recognise the changes made in the other passes or phrases.....

    what am i doing wrong here?

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    Re: OK SONAR users......question

    Hi bkkornaker and welcome to the forum!

    Are you clicking the keys in the Kontakt player? Those keys are for reference only and will not record into the midi track. They may change the sound on the Kontakt player while it plays but it will not be preserved in the track.

    To use the keyswitching, hit that key on your midi keyboard so that the data is sent while recording. The keyswitch note won't make a sound but when it is played it will send a signal to the Player to change articulations.

    If you end with a different articulation than when you've started, the player will use the last articulation. The best way to remedy this is to place the keyswitch of the first articulation used in the start of the track, even if it is loaded as the default.

    Hope this helps!


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    Re: OK SONAR users......question

    I always have at least 2 pickup measures on a piece that include starting articulation keyswitches and woodblock metronome tempos.

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    Re: OK SONAR users......question

    thanks reegs.....i hear what your saying, and it makes sense.........but....

    if sonar doesnt record the actuall articualtion changes......its only going to play back the entire midi track in one particular articulation setting?

    there is no way to have to record or remember that articulation changes? even if i went back to the begining of the track, and set it to the correct articulation from the begining,.....by the time it goes to another change (lets say, plucked stings)....it will still only play it back in the articulation setting that i started it of in?

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    Re: OK SONAR users......question

    Quote Originally Posted by bkkornaker
    there is no way to have to record or remember that articulation changes?
    Draw them as notes in the Piano Roll editor.

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    Re: OK SONAR users......question

    now that is a very good idea! i shold have thought of that!............

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    Re: OK SONAR users......question

    The main thing to remember about keyswitches are they are just a note on event just like any audible notes you are playing. There isn't any way for Sonar to look back and play just the keyswitched notes as it doesn't know the difference between a regular note or the keyswitch note. This is a drawback of using keyswitched instruments. Sonar will record the keyswitches as you play just like any other note. The Kontakt player will only remember the last keyswitch it received.

    I always hit the keyswitch at the beginning of any recorded area even if the articulation doesn't changed from an earlier section. I still need to start playback at this last recorded keyswitch to get the proper articulation. It's probably a good idea to add keyswitches every phrase if you do quite a few articulation changes.


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    Re: OK SONAR users......question

    yes.......what i did was i went back to the midi track and oped up the 'piano roll view', and manualy put in the articulation changes before each phrase where needed.......

    works like a charm!

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    Re: OK SONAR users......question

    Good deal, bkkornaker - Now you're cookin'!

    And now that you've used the Piano Roll View for inserting those keyswitch notes, you've entered the heart of MIDI, the Main Control Room, the tools that will make the most out of your MIDI tracks.

    In the drop down menu of the Piano Roll View, you have access to every kind of controller there is. You can use the pencil tool to work with cc1, cc64, the timbre variation controls, pitch bend--This is the work that makes MIDI comes to life. Plunge in.

    Randy B.

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    Re: OK SONAR users......question

    yup.....im just now starting to 'scratch the surface".........i didnt realize you can edit so deeply in the piano roll view.

    if anyone wants to listen, heres my first audio piece i wrote using garritan orchestra, along with my electric guitar, drums, and bass.


    its my first time trying to use Garritan, so please.....be gentile.

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