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Topic: Cool Vibes in Kontakt 2

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    Cool Vibes in Kontakt 2

    I just imported Cool Vibes (from the GigaStudio format) into Kontakt 2. The process went smoothly and the samples load up, but the notes do not play smoothly at all. They seem to get chopped off and cut short. However, when I press the sustain pedal the notes trigger perfectly (but they sustain).

    Any ideas on what to do do here?


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    Re: Cool Vibes in Kontakt 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    Sounds as if you are running up against the bug in K2 and KP2 related to release samples. My bet is that if you release the sustain pedal that you sometimes get abrupt note cutoffs as well.

    Nils has a script that is supposed to get around this - search the threads in the MIDI scripting section of the forum. That's where I found it.

    Yes, that could be the problem if the problem occur when releasing the pedal. If on the other hand the problem arises when the sustain pedal is not used at all, then using the script won't help.

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