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Topic: "not found" issue with KP2

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    "not found" issue with KP2

    strange little message I'm getting with the Glass Harmonica...
    when I try to load it from the wizard in Finale 2008, it says that the library is not found.

    the other instruments seem to be fine
    I can load a piano from the same place, but for some strange reason, it can't seem to identify/find the glass harmonic.
    I can load it manually, however.

    I've tried the other instruments from the keyboard folder of Full GPO and they all load OK.

    The exact message is:

    "Kontact Player 2
    File was not found
    Please check if Library is installed correctly"

    as I said, I can load it MANUALLY, but for some reason it won't do it from the Wizard.

    this SEEMS to be the only instrument that gives this message... I haven't tried loading ALL the isntrumetns in all the libraries yet, though I've gotten through most of the major ones.

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    Re: "not found" issue with KP2

    I recall seeing a message before about a misspelling in the text file.

    Look at the .txt file and you should find Glass Harmonica is spelled different from the library file.

    Either the lib file is Glass Armonica so you need to change the text file or vice versa

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    Re: "not found" issue with KP2

    It is a typo bug. In the gpofull2instrument.txt it is spelled n-Glass Harmonica and the .nki file is spelled n-Glass Armonica. Just correct the spelling of either one. Which one is up to you.

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    Re: "not found" issue with KP2

    Confirmed it is a spelling issue. Look at the gpofull2.txt file

    [INS:Glass Harmonica]
    DisplayName = Glass Harmonica
    InstType = Glass Harmonica
    Patch = 8
    SampleFile = 9. Notation/5. Keyboards/n-Glass Harmonica.nki

    The sample file in the library (both standard & notation) is spelled...

    Glass Armonica.nki

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    Re: "not found" issue with KP2

    thank-you both.

    just did it now and it works perfectly.

    I guess that's what happens when you get a bunch of Germans trying to write an English instrument name... in the .NKI file it's written "Glass Armonica". I just renamed the little file in the Notation folder and it works fine now.

    So far, so good, Finale 2008 and KP2 are working beautifully and seemlessly.

    Although, as I said elsewhere, the volumes are a little different from when I was using KP1 and Finale 2006 (I basically skipped over Finale 2007 for playback)

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