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Topic: NI Summer Sale thoughts.

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    NI Summer Sale thoughts.

    Hello all,

    I just saw that NI is having a summer sale and a bunch of their products are greatly reduced. I'd like to take advantage but here's my issue.

    Last time they had a sale I picked up Absynth 3. No sooner had the sale ended then Absynth 4 was announced. I felt like I had egg on my face and fell for an obvious ploy.

    I've wanted Guitar Rig 2 for some time. I don't know if there's been any hush hush talk of Guitar Rig 3 and I definitely won't make the same mistake twice.

    What do you think? Are we about to see a few new products from NI.

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    Re: NI Summer Sale thoughts.

    Sales are held because new products are coming, so you just need to bear that in mind when purchasing sale items..



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    Re: NI Summer Sale thoughts.

    Indeed this happens with most sale items... (not all companies though, tbh)

    Thing is though, that you need to think of it this way (just to compensate for feeling bad, which is something that has happened to me as well, and I did feel bad): Did you enjoy absynth 3? Is it useful? In that case it's rather fine that you got Absynth 3. I'm still with Cubase SL3, and I'm fine with that. I don't need to jump the gun with Cubase 4. Same with most products. If someone told me "get Absynth 4 half price, or wait a month and get full price Absynth 5", I would definately get the 4. Why spent more money, for something that is not AMAZINGLY better? Of course there are differences and an upgrade is an upgrade is an upgrade... but still I think that last years products are definately not to throw away in a years time.

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    Talking Re: NI Summer Sale thoughts.

    Usually if you buy at the end of the life cycle you get a version with fewer bugs.

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    Re: NI Summer Sale thoughts.

    Hi. Yeah there will all ways be new products period. You should heve gotten a discounted upgrade price for Ab4. I have Komplete so just keep re-upping. It works out best for me.I think I remember you posted about that bite in the ~~~ a while back. I understand totally. However we the consumers really don't get much say about much. And that is exactly as it should be.LOL.. But in regards to GR2. I can't imagine it becoming much better than it is at present. But then again who knows. I would say if you want it and the price is rite...Go for it.. Or wait.. I useually just go for it if I find I can $$. But now I am waiting for kore2 to be released. I have kore 1. The interface is the same so I will just need the software. The hardware things in 2 are of no interest to me. The GR2 footpedal is different I think from version 1. But I really don't know for a fact. GR2 is a monster..very deep..very open ended. I use it as an FX processor for many things other than guitar. JON

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    Re: NI Summer Sale thoughts.

    I agree that you can't really go wrong with GR2. If you are looking for an amazingly flexible set of amps with a laundry list of top-notch FX emulations, just get it.

    I find I can get all kinds of sounds, the only sonic limitation being that sometimes I wish I could get more "chunk" on heavy, palm-muted guitar parts -- metal-heads might wish for just slightly more "girth" out of the box -- but I always feel I can add some "oomph" after the fact (EQ, etc). Also remember feedback is not possible unless you are monitoring with speakers set to 11 (or thereabouts ).

    It's been slightly buggy for me on XP in Cubase (SX3) using MOTU 828, but it seems something unique to my system, and I've mostly found how to work around it.

    The hardware is completely different from GR1, which I also have. One thing that I found awkward is that when using the GR2 controller as the audio interface, you can't be running ANOTHER interface at the same time (at least I can't). For some reason, I thought, "Wow, this is cool, I can plug my bass directly into the computer via USB on the GR2 interface" -- but that means my MOTU has to be disabled as the playback device, and I have to switch monitoring to the GR2 box. Nothing WRONG with that, actually, but it's not what I honestly wanted (i.e., I had the idea I was buying a kind of "USB DI box and FX controller" but it's more accurate to think of it as truly another USB audio interface with FX controller).

    (BTW, if any GR2/Cubase users here have suggestions of other ways to run it, let me know).

    Having said all that, I just think GR2 is fantastic. I do not have any amps in the flat where I'm living, and I don't need them. A true veteran guitarist, a "tone afficionado" of some sort, might find fault with the amps and FX in GR2, especially if they have a clear "voice" or sound that they are going for from their years of using some specific amp/cabinet combination -- but I think most people who have recorded real, live amps would say, "This not only makes my life 1000 times easier, it's also uber-flexible and sounds pretty freaking great!"

    I mean, it's definitely better than a real amp that's not recorded well, with cheap mics in a lame room using crappy pre-amps, if you see what I'm saying.

    I record bass and guitar through it, and also run all kinds of keyboard/synths and even vocals thru it. I love it.

    SO, I wouldn't "worry" about feeling chumped if they release some heretofore unknown GR3 in a few months. This one rocks already.

    (just my thoughts)

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