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Topic: An Update to the Update

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    An Update to the Update

    I'm so sorry I'm impatient; I (and I'm sure many others) have been waiting close to a year for some hopefully wonderful concert band and marching band sounds; when? This is what a music warehouse says:

    It's Arriving Soon!
    We've confirmed this item will ship soon from Gary Garritan and should arrive in our warehouse the week of 7/29. Go ahead, place your order now. We will ship it immediately, the very same day we receive it from Gary Garritan.

    It gets pushed back and back... any updates to the update?


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    Re: An Update to the Update

    Hi Bill,

    Another snag was hit with the installers in the Player. We are awaiting the finale of the finally final master from NI. Printing is done and once we get the masters it will be a matter of a couple weeks to replicate.

    I'll post another Update to the Update soon.

    Thanks for your continued patience.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: An Update to the Update

    It`s getting better all the time...

    Better to wait to a finished library than to get one with many bugs... .
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