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Topic: Relax, it's Yanni

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    Talking Relax, it's Yanni

    Hey folks - long time no post. I've been working on some music and film projects as well as tooling around quite a bit in discovering our new neighborhood (Studio City, Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood).

    Julie and I were driving through Burbank looking for a place to eat, and decided on a Greek restaurant that we'd passed by a few times before. It was a great meal - while the ambiance was definitely leaning toward a sandwich shop, the food was pretty fantastic. I decided to stop into the bathroom to wash my hands before leaving, and saw this:

    I couldn't believe it. Not only was it a DVD player over the men's stall, but it was Yanni Live at the Acropolis... priceless!

    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Relax, it's Yanni

    That's to keep you from lookin' at the guy sitting next to you.

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    Re: Relax, it's Yanni

    You'd have to fight your desire to smash crockery...


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    Re: Relax, it's Yanni


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    Re: Relax, it's Yanni

    Ha! What restaurant is it?

    I have to see this with my own eyes! :-)

    The Great Greek in the Valley has his picture right up front too...

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    Re: Relax, it's Yanni

    Are you trying to pull one over on us, Houston? ;-)

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    Re: Relax, it's Yanni

    It's a little tucked-away place off of San Fernando near Orange Grove Ave.

    It's the place with the green awning just to the left of the candy shop (across the way from the Fuddrucker's Restaurant, which is to the left of this picture)
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Relax, it's Yanni

    Quote Originally Posted by Von Richter
    Are you trying to pull one over on us, Houston? ;-)
    I *can't* make this stuff up... it's simply... beyond me.

    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Relax, it's Yanni

    Haha, did you have any "performance anxiety?"

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    Re: Relax, it's Yanni

    Fortunately I was just there to wash my hands.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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