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Topic: A Splash of Cool Vibes

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    A Splash of Cool Vibes

    This is a vibes demo using Cool Vibes.

    Splash (for vibes, bass and drums)

    I wanted to import Cool Vibes in Kontakt 2 so I could have the vibes bass and drums all in the same reverb setting, but I could not get Cool Vibes to work right in K2. So I used Cool Vibes in Gigastudio (2.5), Larry Seyer bass and drums (from Stormdrum) in K2 and put everything through an external reverb unit.

    I based this demo on another sequence I posted a few weeks ago for piano trio.

    Trio Excursion

    They're nearly the same, but I think the sequence lends itself more to vibes than piano.

    Please check it out and tell me your thoughts.


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    Re: A Splash of Cool Vibes

    The sounds are nice ...... but sorry to say ... your bass player isn't holding a groove.
    The timing is glitchy and it needs to be held together with some physicality.

    Composition is really cool.

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    Re: A Splash of Cool Vibes


    Thanks for checking it out.

    Yes. My bass line is a three note wonder! It certainly needs some work. I'm using it just to keep the ostinato going. For a few measures it walks, and then it goes back to the punchy ostinato. The meter is 10/8 and I figure it would be easier to grasp with an ostinato (as primitive as it is).


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