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Topic: GVI instruments

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    GVI instruments

    My eye was just caught by the Wavelore Zither ad and I've realised that the new GVI powered instruments are going to present me with a problem. I have a setup with Cubase and Kontakt on one machine (as well as all my softsynths and effects), and GS3 on the other, with all the data streaming handled by Gigateleport.

    Konakt powered instruments have always been fine. I just install them on the Cubase machine, and they seem to behave themselves there. But from what I can gather, putting the Giga engine on the same machine is going to cause the universe as I know it to end. On the other hand I can't install GVI instruments on the Giga machine because Gigateleport isn't going to integrate with them in the same way that it does the full blown Gigastudio. And these instruments can't be loaded into Gigastudio in the same way that Kontakt powered VIs can be loaded into Kontakt.

    I know the obvious, cheapest solution is to swap Gigateleport for MIDIoverLAN and some kind of audio streaming application, but I was really happy with the way things were working. I think it's going to take some really incredible GVIs to make me even consider the hassle involved.

    Does anyone else have the same problem?

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    Re: GVI instruments

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    Given my experience with GVI itself tho - it shouldn't be a big problem working on the same machine as Kontakt.

    Thanks Stephen, that is great news!!!

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