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Topic: recommended midi keyboard?

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    Smile recommended midi keyboard?


    I have just received the Stradiviari and the Gofriller, and I´m very happy But: My midi keyboard, which is a cme uf6, doesn´t seem to be good enough anymore. I find it not sensitive enough, and I have problems with the aftertouch function. Can anyone recommend a good midi keyboard to use with these solo instruments?

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    Re: recommended midi keyboard?


    what's the problem with the sensitivity? I have a CME UF8 and think the sensitivity is OK. It's full weighted, so the keyboard response isn't the same, but, have you checked which velocity curve are you using? To have a linear input-output velocity curve, you should push the velocity button until its light turns off (curve number 0, linear response) If you have it set to curve 2, even if you play softly, the keyboard will send a high MIDI velocity value (percussive curve).

    Regarding the aftertouch, what's your problem with it? Don't you like the response or it simply doesn't work? Keep in mind you need the external power adaptator in order to use the Aftertouch (the USB power insn't enough)

    Describe the problem a little bit, so we can help you troubleshoot it.

    I have the Stradivari violin too, and love to play it with the CME Keyboard.

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    Re: recommended midi keyboard?

    Hi Dani!

    Thank you for your reply and for letting me know that maybe, and hopefully, I already have everything I need... Isn´t it typical..
    I have used my cme for almost a year, With GPO and some drum programs, and I have actually always been happy with it. I guess I got a bit disprited yesterday, and quickly drove the conclution that I needed a new keyboard..

    I will try out what you suggested with the velocity curves. Yes, I had troubles with the low velocities, so maybe it helps. Anyway, my biggest problem is with the aftertouch.

    The problem is that it doesn´t work! The strange thing is that it used to work before when I was working in cubase on a pc. Now, that I work in Logic on a mac, it doesn´t work. So I figured it was something in logic, but I have searched the manual, forums, even called mac support with no solution yet. I have tried to reset the keyboard to default position, I use the power supply, and the aftertouch button is activiated. When I use the power supply, do I have to connect the cme to the computer via the soundcard with a midi cable, or can I still use the usb? Anyway, I have tried both, with no luck.

    I have also tried to load Kontakt 2 as a standalone, to check weather it had something to do with logic, but I can´t get the keyboard to communicate with Kontakt 2 in standalone mode.

    So, I don´t know if it´s something wrong with my keyboard or my system. The only thing I know is that when I press a note harder to get aftertouch, no aftertouch message is getting into logic. All other kinds of messages are coming in though, like note on-off, and the other controllers.

    So, does this make any sense to you, or to anyone else? I will be very grateful to get help with this. I love the sound of the instruments and all the possibilities they give, and I look forward to start playing and practicing the instruments with all functions working!


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    Re: recommended midi keyboard?

    Check in Cubase to see if Channel Aftertouch is deactivated. Many of the sequencers by default shut this off.


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    Re: recommended midi keyboard?


    Thanks for the tip, I have checked in Logic, which is the program I use now (Cubase was my old system, when it worked), and aftertoch messages are not filtered out in the preferences. I´m now working in the environment, to see if there is anything stopping the aftertouch messages. I have managed to create a fader for aftertouch, and it makes aftertouch when I drag it up and down with the mouse. But it doesn´t react to the keyboard, when I press the keys. Anyway, as I´m quite new to Logic, the environment confuses me a little bit , and I´m not sure if it has anything to do with my problem.

    Are there any Logic users out there who know if there is something special with Logic and aftertouch messages? I hope to see a solution to this problem soon, in the meantime, I try to stick to the belief that I will learn A LOT from this..


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    Re: recommended midi keyboard?


    After a lot of mailing with cme support, I´m taking the uf to the dealer to get it fixed. So, no need to answer my question anyway..


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