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Topic: Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony

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    Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony

    This is my first complete rendering of any complete symphony...Saint-Saens' great Organ Symphony. The volume level is a bit low so you should turn up while listen to it, but of course not too loud in the second part of movement II...


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    Re: Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony

    This is one of my favorite symphonies, I know it VERY well!

    I say that to back up my next statement:
    In certain spots this BETTER than some recordings I've heard of a real orchestra (!)
    Overall, very realistic, and a very enjoyable and passionate rendition....

    FOLKS you simply MUST go and listen to this - it is EXCELLENTLY done.

    an enthusiastic

    All the best,

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    Re: Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony



    With admiration,


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    Re: Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony


    ... and I compared it to a "real recording" of course, and what, on certain spots this is better. Really a achievement. Thinking of the amount of work you've put into this........ congratulations.

    [a fan of Saint-Saens]

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    Re: Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony


    A great mix, and the balance between the orchestra and the Organ is also perfect!
    You did a very good job with this!

    I have just downloaded it and copied in my "best of the Listening Room" folder... .

    My Best,

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Thumbs up Re: Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony

    kanazo, I have had for many years a recording of this, Charles Dutoit conducting Montreal Symphony Orch and Peter Hurford on the Organ. I think i have played it a thousand times, maybe more, and would think that rendition would be impossible for anyone to come close to with anything other than a real orchestra and an exceptional conductor. I'm unable to listen to this in it's entirety right now, but what have i listened to so far, just part of 1and 2, and 3, and a little bit of the start of 4, i have to say what you have done here is awesome and later this evening i shall listen to all of it.


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    Thumbs up Re: Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony


    How you had the patience to pull this off I will never know. Simply an amazing rendering. How did you do it? Is it all in Finale or did you use other programs? Is it all GPO? Tell us what you did to make it sound so good.

    As others have said, there are moments when I could swear I was listening to a real orchestra. However - through no fault of your own - I still think that the trumpets and horns in GPO sound too synthy compared to the amazing realism of all of the other instruments. Again, not your fault.

    I own well over two dozen recordings of this particular piece - old vinyls picked up at yard sales and radio station sales to recent CDs. I own a copy of the score. I used the section starting around 58 seconds into the final "movement" as the recessional in my wedding. In short, I love this symphony.

    It is my opinion that no other work of art of any medium in the history of mankind so completely expresses the breadth of human emotion like this single 30 minute piece of music. Mahler, as much as I love him, takes over twice as long to achieve similar results. And yet St. Seans was somehow able to fit into 30 minutes more life than any other composer in history. There is no experience, no emotion, that cannot find expression in some portion of this symphony. Even the best orchestras often stuggle to get this piece right. The tempi may be wrong, the playing may be stilted, the blend may be off. It is a very difficult piece to perform perfectly.

    And yet you, dear Kanazo, have achieved that perfection as well as is possible with digital instruments - you brought to me the same feelings as hearing my favorite recording - and for that I thank you.

    (And I also thank you for not rushing through the trumpet fanfare at the end - too many conductors fly through that section like they can't wait for the piece to end instead of allowing the trumpets to herald in the final triumph in a tempo that allows the climax to continue to the final timpani stroke.)

    One thing I think is missing, however: I didn't hear the piano arpeggios after the beginning of the final section when the strings are first playing the complete melody after the opening organ section. Is it not there? Or is it just covered up by the strings/organ? (Even with the volume turned to 11 I can't hear any piano there...) Too much RAM required to run the full orchestra and organ to include the piano? As nice as the GPO pianos are, I think it a shame that they are not heard in that section - it adds so much.
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    Re: Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony

    That was great!


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    Re: Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony

    Ditto Dan's to the point post--GREAT!

    And I have more to look forward to. Really, kanazo--sublime work, thank you so much.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony

    thank you all for listening and appreciating this majestic work.
    *i have updated the maestoso section and piano works properly now.*
    as for ALynn's questions, this is all GPO except two tracks: 32 pedal and piano, which are both soundfonts. i rendered this work on sonar without any use of notation. it is all done and recorded by hand.

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