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Topic: Good GigaStudio Samples

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    Good GigaStudio Samples

    My fellow GS3 Users:

    I am in need of some good samples / libraries for GS3. Need the following:

    World/Ethnic Instruments and Percussion
    Bass Guitar
    Acoustic Guitar

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks alot.


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    Re: Good GigaStudio Samples

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ is selling RARE Instruments for Giga at 19.95 down from $400+. A great deal for sure for ethnic instruments.

    Scarbee's bass libraries are amazing. www.scarbee.com Get the Rhodes as well :-)

    For acoustic guitar I own Matt Ragen - sounds good for sampled guitar - however, guitar is very difficult instrument to sample and control realistically. Many a poster here has written - "get a guitar player" - which I would agree with.

    There are many libraries that are packaged with a sampling engine as well that appear very sophisticated - I have no experience with them - Real Guitar, Vir2, Chris Heins Guitars, Scarbee's new bass library, Trilogy Bass lib (received great press), etc.

    I have limited time and budget so, like you I think, am still committed to and seeking out great libraries for Giga (where I know my way around and enjoy having everything in one environment).

    Good luck to you.


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