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Topic: Keyboard Midi Output

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    Keyboard Midi Output

    I noticed that with my keyboard, if I hold down a note (a whole note will do for duration) I hear the GPO sample, plus I hear pulses. The pulses seem to correlate with the blinking light on my midi interface (USB Fast Track). I get this when using GPO as a standalone (K2 player) or as a plugin in Pro Tools.

    I'm wondering if it's my keyboard. I have a Korg M1 (mint condition - I'm the original owner) that isn't a "true" midi controller. You have to put it in Global mode, go to page 10 on the display and selected your options. I've tried playing with local source on|off and clock local|external and still get the pulsation sounds with the sample. Other than the midi channel, that's about all I can control. Short duration notes like 1/8 to 1/4 don't have the pulsations.

    I looked at the midi events list in Pro Tools and didn't see anything other than the notes.

    Is this something someone else has seen? I'm going to try hauling my laptop over to a Sam Ash and see if they'll let me plug in an M-Audio keyboard controller to see if the problem goes away.

    thanks in advance


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    Re: Keyboard Midi Output

    Is this happening with every sample??
    I've noticed that there are audible looping points in some of the samples when they are sustained. If these are what you are hearing, then it is the sample itself which is causing it. I wouldn't describe it as a pulsing though, more like a little "hiccup" in the sustained sound and it is certainly not applicable to all of the samples. I think you could easily troubleshoot the samples by drawing in a long sustaining note in the piano roll.
    Make sure none of your DAW tracks are routed to the internal GM sounds on your soundcard; especially if you are sending in OMNI (global?) mode. You may be hearing a soundcard voice along with the GPO sample.
    I would say the blinking is a coincidence; any fluctuations in MIDI output are handled by the software..what I mean is even if your synth is putting out some sort of "sinewave" like pulsing controller message, I don't believe there are any controllers in GPO which would respond in the way you're describing, except the mod wheel\volume and it would be strange indeed if your M-1 was outputting a fluctuating midi message like that .
    The lack of anything like this in the event list furthers this idea(unless it's filtered in the options of PT).
    I think your test at Sam Ash is the best idea at this point.. at least take the controller out of the troubleshooting equation
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