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Topic: Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack

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    Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack

    I just watched about 14 clips of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and the music was stunning. The best yet I think. I'll be seeing the film tomorrow.
    Samantha Penigar


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    Re: Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack

    Cool Samantha! Let us know what you think!

    I for one was very impressed with Patrick Doyle's string work in HP4 and a little sad he's not doing this one. So naturally, I'm interested to hear what Nicholas Hooper has up his robes. He's billed as composer for 5 and 6.

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    Re: Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack

    This soundtrack is pretty good. There are some vaguely minimalistic elements too it, and those work to the advantage of the film's subdued tone. A few tracks, like "The Sacking of Trelawney," are very boring and predictable, but they're countered by great atmospherics in tracks like "Another Story" and "The Hall of Prophecies" and infectious magic in "Dumbledore's Army" and "The Room of Requirements." Umbridge's theme seems a little too adventurous, but it's still suitably pompous and foreboding in its finale. John Williams's "Hedwig's Theme" is masterfully adapted by Hooper, but its entrancing melody provides great contrast to Hooper's lesser attempts at leitmotif. Neither Doyle nor Hooper measure up to "the maestro" in their Harry Potter work. Still, Order of the Phoenix is a good listen and a worthy entry to the series.

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    Re: Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack

    Based on the previews, the soundtrack is excellent. I haven't listened to the soundtrack CD yet but I am slowly counting down to Harry Potter (or my computer is at least: http://timberwolftech.com/harrypotter.png )
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