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Topic: First Mp3 from Sibelius 5

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    First Mp3 from Sibelius 5

    Hi guys.

    I have been experimenting with the new (and VST compatable) Sibelius 5, and my GPO library, to see if it lived up to our high expectations.

    This is an Mp3 of a piece I did previously, but this particular version is done using Sib 5. All the midi controllers were removed so all articulations are automated.

    As you can hear, I don't have the reverb quite right yet. I imported my Garritan Ambiance plug in from Studio, but the presets didn't work in Sibelius which meant I had to actually know what I was doing (I don't btw) instead of just selecting "Concert Hall". In fact any advice on how to better use reverb (from working with the smartelectronix plug-in to other plug-ins) would be appreciated.


    So there it is, if anyone can suggest any ways to improve the realism, please let me know.


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    Re: First Mp3 from Sibelius 5


    Sounds good - I can't give advice, as I am an audio plodder. My Ambience plugin works with Sib 5, though. Just select it in the Effects Panel of the Playback Devices - well, you probably tried that, and it didn't work. Wish I could help on that score.

    Nice piece - lots of good writing and activity here. The main motive is well integrated and varied; the piece holds together very well. The climaxes are convincing, and the lyrical sections well contrasted. Great job!

    This sounds very good, especially with no added data - just the articulations/dynamics. the playback capabilities are really improving.
    Just curious, did it playback like this - i.e., could your machine handle the score, or was it the Audio Export that can "do anything". I had a score last night that had anumber of places where it choked, but the AE worked just as advertised, and I ended up with a flawless recording - well, at least in terms of the audio ( the composition is another matter...).
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: First Mp3 from Sibelius 5

    Hi, Matt

    Success! - I would say your experiment here is Way successful, wouldn't you? I know from posts in the tech help pages that you've been having a horrible time getting everything up and running.

    And now this wonderful piece--so full of momentum and drama. I found it completely impressive in composition and execution.

    The reverb is sounding good to me--Am I just in an uncritical mood this morning? Perhaps, I don't know--but the ambience is working as well or better than what we usually hear. It's possible that the brass managed to be a bit dryer than the other sections in comparison?

    Listen to the pauses at around 4:30 - it's during short breaks like that when what's going on with a reverb can really be heard, and I heard that belieavable reverb shadow of the orchestra bouncing off the hall's walls during those moments--so that's good!

    I love this, it's an exciting piece - that's my basic message--I'll leave it at that!

    Randy B.

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    Re: First Mp3 from Sibelius 5

    What I know about the audio/reverb part of recording ones music would hardly cause a teaspoon to overflow. I know there are many here who do and offer you advice.

    I have spent the past thirty plus years listening to the music of great masters. Beethoven and Sibelius are at the very top of my list when I think of great masters. John Williams is a brilliant orchestral master and even those who don't like classical/orchestral music seem to love what they hear in the movies he has written for.

    I just arrived home a little while ago from seeing the newest Harry Potter movie. The "Order of the Pheonix is one of the longest of all the books. They had to chop the book up inorder to meet the tie constraints.

    However, the film score is Brilliant with a capital B. When heard while fewing the scenes in the movie the music is incredible. I think the music for this film is the best of all. Having said that I'll get to my point. I think that your composition is as brilliant as anything I've heard in that film. In my humble opinion I would rank you very near the top as one our present day living great masters. I hope you will post as often as the rules allow. I really look forward to hearing more of your work.

    Have you posted this on the Sibelius Website. I would love to listen to this and be able to follow the score. Being able to hear the music and follow the in the way one can on the Sibelius website is like view a beautiful painting and actually seeing the images move.

    Brovo! Brovo! Brovo! This will go on my favorites list.
    Samantha Penigar


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    Re: First Mp3 from Sibelius 5

    Matthew - Have you read Dan Kury's tutorial on Audio Mixing on the
    tutorials page? That has some advice on using reverb.

    Go to the main PersonalOrchestra page and click on Support>Tutorials

    - k
    "An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have, but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

    - Andy Warhol

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    Re: First Mp3 from Sibelius 5

    You and your work have great compositional vitality and wonderfully expressive and attractive musical energy and enthusiasm!


    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: First Mp3 from Sibelius 5

    Hello everyone: Thanks so much for listening and a few responses:

    rpearl: Thanks for the kind words. No this didn't play back in real time, but hopefully it will once the RAM upgrade I ordered gets here. (Which does mean that Sibelius came through on their promise of doing great audio files on slow computers).There is an option under "audio engine options" to increase the buffer size, which does seem to help.

    rbowser-Thanks for your support Randy. I think I'm getting there with the reverb. Listening back myself I do like the 4:30 spot, but the violins' reverb has too much size. I'll keep playing. You can really become a perfectionist with this stuff huh?

    Samantha- You have made my day by comparing me to Beethoven, however indirectly! my Sibeliusmusic website is thus: http://members.sibeliusmusic.com/msp There you can find all of my scores, but as I'm sure you know, scorch playback is just crappy midi (allthough I do have MP3's for recent stuff.) This piece is ACT II of Death and Rebirth. Top of the list; easy to find!

    klassical-I was hoping there was some sort of tutorial on the issue! I'm going there right now!

    Michael-Thanks for listening, and for the compliment. I don't believe I have heard YOUR music yet. I would love to if you provide a link. (That goes for everyone actually).

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    Re: First Mp3 from Sibelius 5

    WOw!!! I think this might be my favourite piece so far on the forum!! so much going on, so exciting, and so brilliantly written!!! Im DEFINITELY going to be looking at the score on sibeliusmusic!

    and sibelius 5 isnt sounding too bad either! (Im on sib 4 and it sounds so much worse than this!)

    COngratulations, this is a fantastic piece!


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    Re: First Mp3 from Sibelius 5


    I am listening to this exquisite piece (again). It will get yet more listens after this one. There are some aspects of your music (playful interplay of rhythms, passionate intensity, unapologetic quick changes in motif/mood) that remind me of some aspects of some small part of my music, but a couple levels, at least, up in sophistication and finesse, and this is most certainly not gratuitous praise. At one climactic point with the first motif (introduced in the strings), tears came to my eyes, for a couple reasons, I think: the sheer passion I hear in your music on an emotional level, and second, the kind of intellectual ecstasy that happens on apprehending something that invites one to take a leap beyond ones current understanding, and which scintillates (is the only word I can find), resonating in the mind (neurons firing like crazy! new pathways forged in the brain...) as well as the heart.

    So many things I hear in this music; many things also which I wish to learn to do better. Here are my thoughts/feelings, not necessarily in any particular order, just as they come up:

    1. Your ability to take a motif and wring the most juice out of it is instructive for me (that's one of my weaknesses), and just wonderful. That first motif keeps coming back in slightly varied forms with timing that seems just perfect to me; while the first motif is most prominent in the strings, the various sections also toss it around so playfully! Wonderful!

    2. Your sense of the over-arching structure of a piece is very apparent in this, I feel, and your sense of rhythmic interplay, and when it is time to introduce a new section/instrument, or a new rhythm, or mood change, seems nearly perfect to my ears. Also, your ability to meld melody and countermelody in a seamless fashion seems quite masterful to me (and again, I do not use that word lightly.)

    3. Another instructive area for me in your work is in the area of harmony (another of my weaker areas). And pardon me if I am seeing your music in light of "what I can learn from it", but since I am here to learn, when something comes along like this, I can't help it; these things jump out at me. The way you modulate almost before one notices is skillful, playful and most engaging. One of the slower string section with harmonies with non-triadic tones enriching the sound with the flutes doing runs above it is wonderful, and now I am hearing another (primarily) string interlude with more such harmonies -- slight dissonances that add to the richness without giving the impression of dissonance...

    Thank you for posting this; I am going to listen to more on your website.

    ********* HEY EVERYONE! CHECK OUT THIS MUSIC! ********



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    Re: First Mp3 from Sibelius 5

    Everything has been said and written about this piece. I only MUST say that I loved it.

    [and if it is not a "symphony" call it symphonic poem, that fits everything ]

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