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Topic: It's July!! Where's the Xsample K2 lib!?

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    It's July!! Where's the Xsample K2 lib!?

    I thought this baby was to be released in July.

    Did I read that wrong? Maybe not all the instruments are supposed to be out, but the solo strings for sure! I think the thread with all the info was trashed for some bureaucratic reason.

    Soooo... has it been delayed due to technical reasons, or what?

    Those demos sound sweet, man. I want to get my grubby little K2 scripting fingers ON THOSE SOLO STRINGS!!

    Update, please!! Best Service's website is kinda hard to navigate.


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    Re: It's July!! Where's the Xsample K2 lib!?

    Still 20 days left in July...
    Dan Powers

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    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: It's July!! Where's the Xsample K2 lib!?

    Quote Originally Posted by danpowers
    Still 20 days left in July...
    Oops, thought 21 days....
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    Re: It's July!! Where's the Xsample K2 lib!?

    The author recently communicated that he completed all the sample libraries (including the Steinway B) and sent them to the distributor at the beginning of July. He's done his job (and very well I might add). Unfortunately, the distributor seemed to indicate that they had to do some programming on their web site and that they might take as long as July or August to make the libraries available. I don't understand why it would take so long and it's a shame. Maybe our encouragement on this forum will accelerate the process some. By the way, don't toss your copies of Finale 2007c yet; the libraries and interface files were written specifically for that version. 2008 is still in the realm of pioneers right now. Perhaps by the time the distributor has the libraries ready for download, enough testing will have been done to know for sure. But that's really up to the developer to tell us.

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    Re: It's July!! Where's the Xsample K2 lib!?

    yes, the library is ready. I talked to our distributor yesterday and he told us, that the Xsample instruments for K2 are available at the beginning of september.
    The new download web site takes more time to get ready than expected... sorry for this delay.

    Hans Josef

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