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Topic: Toontrack! What a great company!

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    Thumbs up Toontrack! What a great company!

    I just had an excellent round of customer support from Erik and the gang at Toontrack with my Easy Drummer VST. Very nice to get prompt attemtion and a very fair offer. I now own Easydrummer, the Latin expansion and the DKFH expansion. Can't wait to save up for the Twisted Kit. If you haven't checked this expansion pack out yet take a listen. One of the most original percussion VST's to come along in a while.

    Thanks again to Erik and Toontrack. I look forward to writing some great music with these fantastic instruments!

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    Re: Toontrack! What a great company!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    I don't have EZDrummer - but have been impressed so far by what I have seen and heard about it. I am more interested in the ability to drag and drop the MIDI and then use that to trigger other kits and custom percussion instruments. Also coming up is EZPlayer which is directly targeted at doing that very thing.
    I would like to hear even more opinions and experiences with this package as I am trying to whittle down my choices in regards a percussion control VST.


    EZ drummer is great, though you don't get variety out of the box. The kit that comes with it sounds very nice, but its really only 1 kit, so in order to make EZ drummer as flexible as something like Addictive drums, you need to pick up some expansion packs, which take about 10-15 to load when you switch kits. I have the latin expansion, Drums from hell, Vintage and Nashville. The Nashville expansion sounds fantastic, the best acoustic drum sound, and I have used it for harder rock stuff as well.

    EZ drummer doesn't come with a whole lot of midi files, and while the fills are good, the standard midi drum files are not super exciting. So don't get ez drummer with the expectation of getting tons of very usable midi files to keep you busy forever. However I think Toontrack knows that is a lack with their program and are adding files as they go.

    All in all, its great. I wouldn't trade it in, though I would supplement it with something else down the road like Digi's strike.

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    Re: Toontrack! What a great company!

    Hi. It is allways great to hear about good support. I have had many a pleasant chats with folks from many companies.I do prefer the phone however to any email stuff. Check out Addictive Drums if you are considering either an alternative or an option. I've fallen a bit slim on finances of late. But it will certainly be my next purchase. JON

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    Re: Toontrack! What a great company!

    While EZ does have a very nice organic quality and works very well in a mix i think that they need to make it a bit more sophisticated to compete.
    I really want a tune parameter for every drum and its a real pity that you cannot mix and match sounds from several expansions in the same kit.
    While the later probably cant be realized due to the architecture of the thing the tuning function should be a possibility.

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