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Topic: JABB Performance Patches

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    JABB Full Kontakt2 Users

    For all Full Kontack 2.21 and Garritan Jazz & Big Band Users new Performance Patches for a number of the JABB instruments are available at

    Mike's K2 Scripts

    The goal of the patches is to provide a virtual live musician playing the JABB samples. The provided controls are the mechanism for instructing this virtual musician how a phrase or passage should be interpreted.

    To this end the patches dynamically generate all midi continuous controller values the instrument responds to based on user-defined settings. The scripts enable definable parameter driven legato and slur articulations with portamento, volume, intonation and timbre variations, natural sounding vibrato and various effects including breath and string noise and various pitch bend effects. The Patches also provide easy access to the sound shaping parameters of the JABB instruments adding Convolution Reverb and Stereo modeling to the instruments.

    Demos of the Performance Patches are available here

    Comments, criticism, suggestions and general feedback are always welcome

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    Re: JABB Performance Patches


    This is very nice of you to produce these JABB Performance Patches.

    We'll check them out and let you know our thoughts. Phrasing and interpretation is a very important part of jazz and this should be of help to many musicians. The mp3 are excellent and you really made this library swing!

    I urge all other JABB users with the the full version of Kontakt to try them.

    Thanks for doing this and sharing it for the benefit of the JABB community.



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    Re: JABB Performance Patches

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan

    The mp3 are excellent and you really made this library swing!

    Glad you enjoyed the demos, all the dynamics, articulations, portamento etc were generated by the scrpts. The only tweaking performed was on the melodic lines i.e overlapping notes for legato, loosening start times etc. (end of shameless promotion)

    Looking forward to your feedback


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