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Topic: Volume using JABB in DP

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    Volume using JABB in DP

    I'm using JABB (KP2) in Digital Performer. I'm confused about the best way to control volume, and make adjustments on the fly. Moving any fader in DP seems to reset the corresponding fader in KP2 to a very low level. I'm unsure about the relationship between the DP faders and the KP2 faders, and how that relates to the CC1 settings imbedded in the sequence (file originally created in Finale 2006). I want to be able to adjust some volumes in spots while recording my midi tracks to an audio track. Can anyone help?

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    Re: Volume using JABB in DP

    Quote Originally Posted by bappleby@interbaun.c
    I want to be able to adjust some volumes in spots while recording my midi tracks to an audio track. Can anyone help?
    Hi, I recommend recording each individual imstrument to it's own audio track.

    In my opinion, your midi tracks should not have any pan or volume in them at all. Since midi is just data and not audio, it needs to be respected only as data, not music. It is this midi data that will be the fingers that plays the various instruments in GPO. Once the fingers or midi tracks have played the notes, and these "audio" notes have been recorded into separate audio tracks, it is then time to balance (mix) to achieve a musical sound, kinda like music.

    The volume sliders in the Kontakt player should be used to adjust the gain, or level that the instrument is being recorded at. Your soundbite (visual heartbeat) will show a small or large waveform that indicates if the signal is soft or loud, you never want flat peaks (slammed volume) or waveforms that are so small you won't have enough volume of that instrument during mixing.
    The dynamics, crescendos and decescendos need to be created by the modwheel in GPO and then intimately controlled by fader automation.

    In DP's mixer, you are able to view the midi tracks. The volume fader of the midi track will remotely control the volume slider in the Kontakt player, likewise, the pan knob of the midi track in DP's mixer will control the Kontakt player's pan slider. You don't want these things moving all over the place while you are trying to record an audio track.

    If your midi track has any volume or pan data, delete it.

    The volume of each instrument needs to be automated for the perfect mix with the fader automation buttons in DP, little red and green buttons. Automation is the only way to get fantastci mix results.
    I hope this helps a little.

    Visit this audio tutorial that I did for Garritan folks a while back. Some of it is now outdated since DP has had a number of updates.



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    Re: Volume using JABB in DP

    Thanks, Dan. I'm working through my project now using your suggestions. This is a totally new way of doing it for me, but I can already see where it will give much better results.


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    Re: Volume using JABB in DP

    Hi Brian, glad to help.
    here is some stuff I had posted in annother thread that may be of interest to you also.

    You can click on "insert" in DP's midi track and select pitch, or do what I do which I believe sounds WAY better using DP's pitch automation. You need to record the instrument to an audio track, and then draw in the pitch data. It is easy to do, in the sequence editor window, (shift S) select "pitch" in the menu on the lefthand side of the audio track, you know,,, where it says soundbite... volume etc..., then hit the 'P' key on your keyboard to draw in the pitch. If you don't like what you hear, highlight the data you drew and hit delete, this will take you back to the original untouched sound. Any data that you draw in will change from blue to red, this is a visual indication that the pitch data has been modified.

    here is a GPO t-bone slide.... with just midi pitch bend, with and without reverb.

    Click here to listen
    first phrase no portamento, second minimal, third big slide

    screenshot of minimal pitch bend, red data is what I drew in.

    screenshot of big slide

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