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Topic: dual platform VIs

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    dual platform VIs

    My set-up is probably similar to many mid-level users: a mac running my DAW, a Windows box running GS3 through lightpipe and Midi over LAN.

    Clearly, in order to stay current, I'll need to make the leap to stand alone VIs and/or VSTs on a 3rd machine. I see that many are "dual platform," which makes me wonder what machine to get as my 3rd box. Although I'm a mac lover, what has been people's experience with running various kontakt, PLAY, or similar instruments on (dedicated,"slaved") macs vs windows boxes?

    Are the various large RAM switches and 64-bit capacity more ready for prime-time on the windows side?


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    Re: dual platform VIs

    check out FORTE by brainspawn and see if that fits your needs.

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    Re: dual platform VIs

    it looks like a great way to work. It appears to be windows only, which partially answers my other question. I'll look deeper into it.

    Is the mac anywhere near windows yet in 64 bit use and/or very large RAM usability (8 gigs, etc.)? I'd love to make my 3rd machine a mac.

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    Re: dual platform VIs

    the next version of OSX will be 64 bit throughout and should be out in october.
    Any of the new Macs will allow you to install 16 GB of RAM already and with Leopard you will be able to use all of that for a single aplication.


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    Re: dual platform VIs

    so does windows have any edge at all over apple in terms of hosting VIs?

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