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Topic: The Little Match-Seller

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    The Little Match-Seller [Finished]

    Composition Finished !
    See last post at third page to listen...

    Hello at everybody !

    I've just started a new composition, based on the storie of Andersen : The Little Match-Seller.

    With mp3, you'll only can hear the begginning of the storie, when little girl is walking in the winter storm, and then protect herself in the corner of two houses.

    Next is coming soon !!

    Best regards.

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    Re: The Little Match-Seller

    Very powerful and dramatic music: I can’t wait to hear where you take it from here. Oh, BTW, great use of the wind-machine… It has such a clichéd sound, yet it works here.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: The Little Match-Seller

    Wow, Christophe! This is absolutely wonderful! You successfully mimicked a winter storm in the beginning. From what I can hear it sounded like tremolo strings, quick scalar passages with violins and winds with plenty of thundering timpani. But what impressed me the most is your brass quality and melodic placement. Is that GPO brass? The way you off set rhythmically the brass motif and slowly grew the intensity while maintaining softer staccatos between was so outstanding.! I can't wait to hear more! This is extreme quality of composition, rendering, and craftsmanship! Please keep us updated!

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    Re: The Little Match-Seller

    great work, Christophe! I like your music because you take so much attention to rendering other than composing... really good, bravo!

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    Re: The Little Match-Seller


    I'm looking forward to the completed work here.
    I'm in total agreement with Roberto, not only great composition, great recording. Very rare here always excuses.

    My Best


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    Re: The Little Match-Seller

    Christophe, I am again inspired by your work.

    Very well done! As I said in other threads, I am sure that we all can hear much good (filmscore)music composed by you in the future!

    You are very talented!

    My Best

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: The Little Match-Seller

    Very good! Not only is everything in its right place, it also evokes the mood you intend. Did I hear a nod to Ride of the Valkyries in there?
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    Re: The Little Match-Seller

    Thank very much for kind comments on this begginning...

    Quote Originally Posted by diligamus
    Did I hear a nod to Ride of the Valkyries in there?
    Yes, why not ! But if you can, listen the overture of Die Walkure, wheater is storming, Siegmund walk in the chaos of the elements, exhausted, taking flight of a battle...it's totally the type of orchestration which inspire me in this case !

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    Re: The Little Match-Seller

    A rather breathtaking intro. Very powerful!!!
    We just had a discussion about the wind machine the other day and I think this is indeed a great use for it.
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    Re: The Little Match-Seller

    A very moving compostion so far. I thought the story was the 'the little match girl', but what do I know. Very nice stuff. I am looking forward to hearing more.

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