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Topic: Recycle and RMX

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    Recycle and RMX


    I just received the Propellerhead´s Recycle, the only reason I bought it is the Stylus RMX and the option to generate your own REX2 files for the RMX.

    Surely I could "learn by doing" but it´s easier to ask for the advice of the experience users how to get best out of the Recycle:

    1. Please give me a short step-by-step instruction how to generate/edit a
    REX2 for the RMX. The starting point is a longer file from which I want
    to take about 20 second long extract, includig about 10 slices.
    The parameters in the Recycle: 1 bar or several bars?

    2. Should I export the file from the Recycle or just save it? In the export
    there aren´t the rex2 option. Export as a one sample? etc.

    3. Any other good hints for the RMX users?

    BTW, I wonder why either Spectrasonics or Propellerheads have not done any special section for the Recycle-RMX -users, I convinced that many Recycle owners have bought the program just because the RMX demands the REX2 file format.


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    Re: Recycle and RMX

    The only way to learn is by reading the manual and practicing, but hopefully I can help you get started:

    1. Learn how to use recycle and learn exactly what it is used for. It is a VERY simple program, but is not an audio editor. Get the sound file you want (edit in another program), chop it into discreet slices and set all the parameters the way you need them. The amount of bars that you select will allow Recycle to know what the tempo of your loop is, and how the corresponding MIDI file should be set up timing wise. If you select "show grid" in recycle, that will give you an idea of how the MIDI file will look.

    2. Just save the file. It will save as a rex file, this is imported into RMX with the sage converter utility that comes with RMX.

    3. Practice makes perfect. As with all things in life, the more time you spend with these two programs, the better you will get. Watch all of the RMX tutorial videos, and feel free to experiment heavily.

    The two programs don't really deal with eachother that much other than the Sage Converter, which is about as simple as it gets. Aside from that, recyle and RMX are their own seperate programs, and once you learn each one, everything regarding the way they relate to one another really comes together on its own. Good Luck!

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    Re: Recycle and RMX

    Thunder, thanks for the comments. Yes, because the Recycle is a very simple (looking) program and I´m not going to do anything else with it than convert my files in to the RMX, I wouldn´t care to "learn this program carefully". I believe there are 1-2-3 (and sometimes maybe 2b) operations which are enough in my case. Unfortunately the quick reference quide don´t tell me these steps (in a clear simple way) for the RMX-use.

    I´ve used RMX a couple of years, yes, have watched all the videos (have the DVD). RMX videos are very good endeed, hope there was one step-to-step basics about the Recycle too, after all the S-sonics has based their system very much in to the Recycle.

    I understand your point, the general tone in you reply is "there arent any shortcuts" to learn things. Basicly I agree but not in this case.
    Well, because there are almost every week a new program to learn, I take the priveledge to assume that the today´s manuals could help me to do easily just the one thing I want to proceed - as said, in this case the simple conversion in to the REX2 for the RMX is the only reason for me to use the Recycle (at this moment). I try to minimize the time which I have use for the "computer and bits" - this is away from the time I can use for the main thing which is (in my case) the music.


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    Re: Recycle and RMX

    Hi. Go to the props page. There is a link to videos on Youtube. Although you can't do complex sound manipulation with Recycle. You might be surprised at how much you can actually do that most aren't aware of. JON

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    Re: Recycle and RMX

    I cannot believe how right on time this post is. Thanks Harry O! I literally just received Recycler 2.1 a few hours ago. I too purchased it solely because of Stylus RMX so this thread could not be more "on" for me. I am really looking forward to slicing my own bass chops.
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    Re: Recycle and RMX

    Quote Originally Posted by jonkuzma
    Hi. Go to the props page. There is a link to videos on Youtube. JON
    What's "the props page"?

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    Re: Recycle and RMX

    Is it strange that I'm called a "new member" and joined the forum in Jan 2005?

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    Re: Recycle and RMX

    Can anyone give a quick advice how to make each slice
    chosen in the Rececyle appear as an individual slice in
    the RMX? E.g. if you generate 8 slices of one sample in the Recycle,
    liked to have one suite including 8 separate slices/midi files I can drag in the RMX/sequencer.

    (If you have 8 slices and 1 bar chosen in the Recycle, the converted
    REX2 appears automatically as one file in the RMX: you can play each
    separate slice using your keyboard but I as said I wanted these slices
    be each an individual file; one suite with 8 files. How to do this?).


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    Re: Recycle and RMX

    Watch the Edit Groups tutorials.

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