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Topic: Grace notes

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    Grace notes

    Has anyone found a way to achieve convincing grace notes in wind instruments using JABB (or GPO) in a sequencer? (I'm using DP). I've put in CC64, lowered CC1 on the grace note, and tried various note placements but I haven't found anything that sounds good.

    Brian Appleby

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    Re: Grace notes

    I would try giving higher cc1 values to the acciaccatura than the real note, since it is the accented note... and as acciaccaturas fall on the downbeat, I'd make sure that the a. is appropriately placed... my opinion, of course.

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    Re: Grace notes

    Hi, bappleby@interbaun.c

    You need to try Roberto "Old Bob's" advice on the higher cc1 for the grace note, because I know what he's saying works. When I was reading your post, I saw that you were doing exactly the opposite than what you should with cc1.

    And when you're adding the cc64, are you placing it directly After the attack of the note, a full 127 value, and then a full off zero value at the end of the phrase?

    Randy B.

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    Re: Grace notes

    cc64 should not be applied for the grace note.
    Another recommendation is to place the recorded grace notes in a separate audio track for better manipulation during mixing. Set DP's nudge amount to about 5 milliseconds, then use the left and right arrow buttons on the keyboard to nudge the audio track earlier or later until it is just right. While you're at it, use DP's pitch correction to slightly modify the grace notes.


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