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Topic: (OT) John Williams Signature sheet music - uk?

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    (OT) John Williams Signature sheet music - uk?

    Sorry for the off-topicness, but does anyone know either:

    Where can I buy John Williams signature sheet music in the UK?


    If I order it from the US, would there be any stupid hidden import tax?

    I'm keen to learn from the master, but I'm having trouble finding any sheet music in England...

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    Re: (OT) John Williams Signature sheet music - uk?

    No worries on the off-topicness...samplediscussion is where you'll get the most attension so...

    http://www.sheetmusicplus.com is the most common to buy sheetmusic from(i think)

    http://www.truespec.com have signature JW scores (use the left browser to find John things,searching for it doesn't work)

    http://www.johnwilliams.org/reference/sheetmusic4.html Or here?

    I always want sheets that have HAL LEONARD as the author written on them. I think that's the guy who makes all the candy.When you buy that the notes are excactly the same as the original (I think) I'm not sure how that works

    http://www.halleonard.com also go here and search for johnny

    Or if you know what you want just go to google.com and search for: John Willams signature sheet music E.T theme for example

    When it comes to ordering from USA to europe it's toll free for things under 100$dollars or so?I don't remember excactly.Look on FEDEX.com for that.
    But anyway you have to pay 24%VAT of the total price importing stuff (excluding freight) but it shouldn't be much for sheet music. Or nothing at all I think

    I always buy samples and other things from USA,and I live in europe. I bought EWQL Symphonic orhestra silver for around 200-300$dollars and I didn't pay anything additional for that. I think thats 100 GBP. So I don't think that rised over the limit of "you have to pay 24%VAT for that product" hehe.

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