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Topic: Westgate Clarinet Run Samples

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    Westgate Clarinet Run Samples

    Actually this applies to all run samples, and forgive my stupidity, but is the run one octave? two? as far as "writing" these in Sib do you simply write the bottom end note and let it be?

    I really never worked with run samples so I am curious how this would work

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    Re: Westgate Clarinet Run Samples

    All of our "Octave Run" samples cover 1 octave (up and down). For a C Maj run from C3-C4 for example you'd simply press C3 and hold for the full duration. To play the downward run from C4-C3 you'd activate the appropriate keyswitch or Mod wheel position and then press C4.

    You can also continue the run for 2 or more octaves by starting the second octave just as the first is finishing. Takes a bit of practice but it can be fairly seamless.

    Some instruments also contain "Short Runs" which start at a fifth and go up to the root.
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