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Topic: My First Attempt with GPO

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    My First Attempt with GPO

    Hi all

    I have just put my first attempt with GPO (and some vocal soundfonts) on MySpace and showcaseyourmusic. It is fairly basic, but a pretty tune

    The piece is called Peaceful

    Any feedback would be gratefully received

    Thank you



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    Re: My First Attempt with GPO

    Welcome to the world of GPO. I thought the piano should be louder and brighter, and the choir quieter so that they just add atmosphere in the background.
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    Re: My First Attempt with GPO

    Hi Paul and welcome!

    This is an enjoyable calming piece. (The title was very appropriate!) Personally, I feel the vocal sf2 detracts a bit from the song--perhaps an oboe would be more appropriate and blend a little better? You've done very good work with the modwheel on the trumpet track.

    End mix is sounding good on headphones. Not too wet.


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    Re: My First Attempt with GPO

    The volume could be set higher. Over all this is a very beautiful compositions. I love the heavenly choir effect. This i a piece worthy of considerable merit. Very haunting melody when the choir comes in.
    Samantha Penigar


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    Re: My First Attempt with GPO

    It's pretty music.

    You might think about eventually investing in a library with choral sounds. The Sf2 are ok but you get what you pay for.

    Over all it could probably use some smoothing out sound wise but I enjoyed it.


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    Re: My First Attempt with GPO

    Thank you all for your kind comments.

    Samantha: I agree with your comment about the volume. It was the first thing I wrote down when I eventually got to hear it over speakers (I compose and mix on headphones due to the constraint of neighbours)

    Reegs: An oboe taking the lead sounds an excellent idea and certainly one I will experiment with.

    Phil: Could you reccommend some good choral software? I have no doubt there are some good libraries on the market.

    Thank you all again

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    Re: My First Attempt with GPO

    I enjoyed this piece quite a bit. A lot of nice changes in there and I agree about the nice job with the trumpets. The choir works fairly well (from a realism perspective, from a compositional perspective it works great!) except on the one long sustained note it sounds a little less than real; I could certainly picture a real female voice singing that nice note. Good job.
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    Re: My First Attempt with GPO


    A really good start with GPO. Also, agree with the volume increase recommended.

    I can tell you are having a lot of fun with this great program. Please listen to other demos and keep writing. Enjoyed your piece and hope you will post some more soon.

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    Re: My First Attempt with GPO

    Congratulations on getting your first GPO piece out there. I realy liked the trumpet too. I would be interested in the oboe idea expressed above, but I would hope it doesn't interfere with the trumpet coming in...

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: My First Attempt with GPO

    I have taken your comments on board and reworked "Peaceful" a little - more volume and brighter piano. I have not experimented with the oboe replacing the vocal solo yet (a job for the future).

    I have added a small amount of distortion to the strings and brass to emphasise the bows and rasps (distortion is not only the realm of guitarists )

    I have also moved some of the instruments in the stereo image and adjusted the individual reverb amounts to (hopefully) give a better spacial image.

    I would welcome any comments and critisisms

    Thank you


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