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Topic: JABB Manual?

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    JABB Manual?

    I've been away for awhile - primarily because of my frustration with the lack of documentation for JABB. Have any manuals been added in the past few months?

    Here is a specific question - I am redoing my old Finale big band scores to playback with JABB in Finale 2007 (Mac). In Native Instruments Audio Setup, I choose Finale channel 1-16 to "Native Instruments: Garritan Jazz." I am able to assign channels 1-8 with JABB instruments, but how in the world do I assign channels 9-16? This terribly confusing example is one of many items that could easily be explained in some sort of owner's manual.

    Thanks for any help...

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    Re: JABB Manual?

    I'm not a Finale user, so this is just a guess - If you're still using the original Kontakt Player, you'd need to download the Garitan Studio from the Garritan website. This will allow you to load multiple instances of the JABB Kontakt Player, thereby giving you access to 9-16. The better way is to upgrade JABB to the Konatakt Player Version 2 that was recently released. This version allows for at least 16 channels, and up to 64 depending onhow your're using it. I don't know much beyond that. Hopefully, someone else will chime in an enlightern or correct me. Also, you might look on the Garritan website under their Tutorials section and see if there is anything to do with using Garritan products with Finale. I know there's one for Sibelius.

    Best of luck to you!
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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    Re: JABB Manual?

    I don't have itin front of me, but there are some tutorials that folks have posted on using JABB or GPO with finale 2006/2007. Look on this page:


    As for your specific question, it is true that you should upgrade to the new KP2. However, if you don't you can still use the original version, but you can't use channels 9-16. You have to load more instances of the Kontakt Player, then use channels 1-8 (first instance), 17-24 (second instance), 32-39 third instance), etcetera. You can load as many instances as you need (and memory allows). Then you have to be sure to assign everything properly.

    Hope this helps....

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